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Career Services Center to launch with first day of fall classes

Aug 22, 2013 | Campus News

By Mandi Enger
With the start of the fall semester on Aug. 26, Nevada State College (NSC) will expand its student services with the launch of the Career Services Center. Known as the CSC@NSC, the center will act as the career hub on campus, providing students and alumni the skills needed to identify career goals and interact with a lifetime of professional career movement and job decisions.
The campus will welcome over 3,000 new and returning students this fall. Since opening its doors in 2002, NSC’s alumni base has exceeded 1,800 individuals, with over 85% of graduates continuing to reside in the state.
As our institution continues to grow, it is important that we develop additional resources for our students in order for them to be career-prepared after graduation, said Cindy Stella, director of the CSC@NSC. Nevada State College has a tradition of outstanding service and support and we’re proud to add the Career Services Center to our roster. Joining NSC in 2007, Stella has over 17 years of experience in higher education, with a focus on student services, events, and program development.
The CSC@NSC will encourage student participation from their first year at the college through graduation and will partner with internal departments such as Academic Advising, faculty mentors, the Student Academic Center, and the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment in order to create an integrated and complete career development experience.
Support services will include areas such as career skills and interest testing, goal setting, resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews, and graduate school preparation exercises.
The center will additionally involve the community in order to connect employers with the campus, encouraging participation of local business through internships and job opportunities, company information sessions, and professional development workshops and events.
A second phase of the center’s launch will introduce a mentorship and networking database available to students as well as on-campus career fairs and recruiting events.
Partnering with the NSC Office of Alumni Relations, the CSC@NSC will also provide career support to alumni and will connect with alumni who are looking to provide mentorship or perform on-campus recruiting for their employers.
The CSC@NSC is located in the Dawson Building, Suite 120. Students, alumni, and business are encouraged to call 702-992-2611, email, or follow the center on Facebook for additional information.