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Special Course Fees Policy (AE 21)

OWNER: Office of the Bursar
CONTACT: LeeAnn Davis
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CATEGORY: Admissions and Enrollment, Finance & Budgets
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Students enrolling in courses at Nevada State College pay a per-credit registration fee, which is supplemented by state general funds to cover customary expenses associated with educational costs. However, some courses require extraordinary costs to provide students with the education necessary to be proficient in the skillset taught through the course. Board of Regents policy allows NSHE campuses to charge a Special Course Fee for such courses.

The amount assessed for a Special Course Fee must be based on anticipated expenditures for a specific course for an academic year. To the extent practicable, the benefit of a Special Course Fee shall inure to the population that pays the fees. Special Course Fee uses are limited to the allowable exceptions outlined in Chapter 7 Section 12 of the NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual, which include: (a) individual instruction, (b) class supplies, course-specific software, and specialized equipment, (c) third party charges for use of a facility, (d) special transportation requirements, (e) extraordinary instructional costs, or (f) some combination of these reasons. Special Course Fees shall not be established to cover the cost of Capital Equipment. Board of Regents policy stipulates that a fund balance of no more than the annual amount of revenue may be carried forward into subsequent years (NSHE Handbook Title 4, Chapter 10, Section 19). Special Course Fees shall be evaluated annually to ensure the appropriate amount is being charged.

The President (or designee) must approve all new Special Course Fees, Fee changes, and Fee eliminations. The Board of Regents must also approve Special Course Fees in excess of $50. It is the Bursar’s responsibility to ensure that proper Special Course Fees are charged, appropriate supporting documentation is maintained, and that the course catalog is accurately updated by the Office of the Registrar.


Account Manager: The person authorized to oversee the account to which a Special Course Fee will be applied.

Capital Equipment: Tangible equipment with an acquisition cost of more than $5,000 and a useful life of more than one year.

Special Course Fee: Fee charged to cover extraordinary expenses directly associated with a specific course.


I. General Conditions and Deadlines

A. Before assessing student accounts, Special Course Fees must be approved via the NS curriculum review process and identified in the academic catalog of classes.

B. Special Course Fee requests of $50 or less must be fully approved by the President (or designee) on or before December 31.

C. Special Course Fee requests in excess of $50, or changes to existing Fees that result in a Fee in excess of $50 per course, must be fully approved by the President (or designee) before September 30th in order to be submitted for Board of Regents approval at the December meeting.

D. All new Special Course Fees, Fee changes, and/or Fee eliminations approved by the deadline will be effective the following Summer term.

II. Approvals and Adjustments

A. Submit proposals for all new Special Course fees, changes in Fees, or deletion of Fees using the standard e-form template found in the portal. On the form, identify the course title, proposed Special Course Fee amount, estimated number of students affected annually, and estimated revenue from Fees, as well as a rationale for how the Fees will be used.

B. Proposers must consult the Account Manager regarding the need for the Special Course Fee prior to submitting the e-form.

C. After submission to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee, all Special Course Fee additions, deletions, or changes will follow an electronic review and process which requires approval from the Dean, Provost, and President (or designee), and the Board of Regents (if applicable).

D. The President (or designee) will make the final determination and will either approve or deny the request, after which the Account Manager and proposer will be notified.

E. For Special Course Fees in excess of $50, the President’s Office (or designee) shall prepare Board action and hold the Special Course Fee Request form from moving forward until such time as the Board of Regents approves the Special Course Fee.

F. Approved Special Course Fee addition, deletion, or change forms will be electronically transferred to the Registrar’s Office for catalog entry and then to the Bursar’s Office for system entry and coordination of charges.

 III. Review of Special Course Fees

A. The Account Manager should monitor Special Course Fee account balances to ensure that revenues continue to be approximately equal to expenditures. At least annually, the Budget Services Office will provide the Schools with reviews of account activity, highlighting any concerns.


  • Submit proposals for all new fees, changes in fees, or deletion of fees using the standard e-form template found in the portal.


Office of the Provost

Finance and Business Operations
Brandy Smith


  • Board of Regents Handbook Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 18: Special Course Fees
  • Nevada System of Higher Education Policies & Procedures Manual Chapter 7, Section 9




Approved by Dr. Vickie Shields, Provost, October 10, 2022.
Approved by Dr. DeRionne Pollard, President, March 2, 2023.