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Nevada State Dashboards

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness at Nevada State provides timely data and analyses to support, enhance, and inspire decisions that lead to desired outcomes. One of our great strengths is our ability to connect information we gather from various sources to determine what factors legitimately help our students succeed. Use the dashboards below to learn more about our students.

Enrollment Data

Use this enrollment dashboard to see the total number of students enrolled each semester. Use the filters on this dashboard to answer questions such as:

  1. How much has student enrollment grown since fall 2011?
  2. How many seniors did we have in fall 2022?
  3. How many students in any given semester identify as Hispanic?

Graduation Data

This graduation dashboard shows how many students graduate from Nevada State each year. This is a terrific resource for questions like:

  1. How many first-generation students graduate each year?
  2. How do the number of transfer-in graduates compare to the graduates who started at Nevada State?

The Nevada State Journey

This innovative dashboard shows how students progress through their college journey at Nevada State. It compares five metrics each semester:

  1. The number of students who applied to Nevada State
  2. The number of students who were admitted to Nevada State
  3. The number of students who enrolled in classes at Nevada State
  4. The number of students who stay enrolled at Nevada State
  5. The number of students who graduated from Nevada State
  6. Use this dashboard to see how different types of students progress from application to graduation.

Nevada State Support Services

Using the Nevada State Support Dashboard will allow you to see how our student support services help our students succeed. The primary measurements are retention (how many students stay enrolled each year) and graduation. Use this dashboard to answer questions such as:

  1. What percentage of students who use the Academic Success Center graduate compared to the students who do not use this service?
  2. How does utilization of our Academic Advising Center affect the retention rates of first-generation students?
  3. How does library use affect student graduation and retention rates?