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At Nevada State we have consciously built a campus culture that values diversity as vital to our strength and to the future success of the university and its graduates. This commitment is demonstrated every day through our students, faculty, staff, administrative, and executive leadership. As a campus community, we are proud to share a space at Nevada State University that is rich in diversity and open to new ideas.

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Guided by Nevada State University’s commitment to inclusion and social justice, the Office of Community, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion uses an equity-centered lens to support people from historically marginalized communities on campus and across Southern Nevada.

Community Partners

Community inspired the inception of Nevada State University and continues to form our foundation. We connect our students with the greater public in a two-pronged approach, embracing both “outbound” and “inbound” community partnerships.

Nevada State Foundation

Throughout the community and campus, the Nevada State Foundation works to change not only individual lives, but whole family trees. Our impact on first-generation students and their communities is especially explosive, as graduates’ deeper level of knowledge and expertise begins to serve new sectors of society and elevate global conversations.

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Lifelong Scorpions

Alumni Network

Nevada State Graduates

The Nevada State Alumni Network is a way for all Nevada State graduates to stay connected to your alma mater, get involved with campus as an alum, build your network, and give back to our students.

Benefits for Alumni members:

  • Network with Nevada State Graduates
  • Give Back to Current Students
  • Hold Leadership Positions
  • Professional Development
  • Receive News & Updates About Nevada State