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Sankofa is designed to support the retention and recruitment of Black students at Nevada State University. Rooted in social justice and community advocacy, students have the opportunity to engage in mentorship, receive academic support, and participate in social activities offered by Black faculty and staff, community leaders and the rest of the NSU family.

Team Sankofa

Dr. Shartriya Collier

Dr. Shartriya Collier

Associate Dean of the School of Education

Dr. Collier is the esteemed founder of the Sankofa program at Nevada State University. Her unparalleled passion for assisting Black students in pursuing higher education was the driving force behind the creation of this important program. Through her unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, Dr. Collier has established a strong foundation for the Sankofa program, which has quickly become a beacon of hope for students seeking to achieve their academic dreams.

Kendall Sanders

Kendall Sanders

Coordinator of Sankofa

Kendall Sanders serves as the Coordinator of Sankofa, where she leads with a strong commitment to the academic success of Black students on campus. Kendall works closely with Sankofa Scholars on a one-on-one basis to provide them with academic support. Additionally, Kendall oversees the Summer Bridge Program, which aims to prepare future scholars for their academic journey ahead.

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