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Office of the President

We believe that service to the Nevada State mission through leadership matters. We believe that delivering impeccable support to the work of Nevada State through deliberate and inclusive actions and communications is essential. We uplift intentionality in solving problems with inclusion, justice, and authenticity in mind. 

We will do this by:

  • We are the conduit between external and internal communities.
  • We communicate and operate in a transparent manner.
  • We lead with authentic intentions and positive energy.

The Office of the President will be held accountable by modeling and assessing the values to which we aspire in word and deed.


Dedicated to preparing our graduates to BE SUCCESSFUL in the workforce, President DeRionne Pollard is engaging and approachable. Being available not only to our students, but across community nonprofit, civic, and municipal organizations, President Pollard actively forges lasting, mutually-supportive partnerships.