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Nevada State College announced ‘All Will Hail Black and Gold’ as first official fight song

Feb 4, 2020 | Campus News

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Nevada State College has announced their first official fight song named “All Will Hail Black and Gold,” written by Clark County School District second grade teacher Jeff Rapp.

In July, Nevada State College announced a contest open to the community to write the college’s first official fight song where the winner of the contest receives $2,000.

Rapp doesn’t consider himself musically talented, but he has rewritten lyrics to songs in the past to help engage students in his class. “I have a knack for rewriting lyrics of songs for various reasons, sort of like Weird Al Yankovic. I’ve done this as a teacher to help make lessons stick,” said Rapp.

The songwriting contest was initiated by Nevada State College President Bart Patterson to help establish school spirit among the students, faculty and community.

“This contest was a fun project that involved the entire Las Vegas valley community. We are extremely proud of our college and its accomplishments. This song reflects the pride and school spirit we have here on campus,” said Patterson.

Nevada State College’s first official fight song, “All Will Hail Black and Gold”: