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Nevada State College announces new positions in the Office of the Provost

Jul 31, 2014 | Campus News

The NSC Office of the Provost announced the addition of two new positions this month: The Vice Provost for Scholarship and Experiential Curriculum, and the Vice Provost for Student Success and Academic Innovation.
The new Vice Provost for Scholarship and Experiential Curriculum is Dr. Robin Cresiski, former Physical and Life Sciences Department Chair. Dr. Cresiski will primarily focus on the last two years of the student experience, with a particular effort to promote hands-on academic discovery by faculty and students, including increased opportunities for undergraduate research and the development of new pathways for our students to pursue graduate study within the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE).
The newly-appointed Vice Provost for Student Success and Academic Innovation is Dr. Tony Scinta, former Associate Dean of the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Dr. Scinta will be largely focused on the first two years of the student experience, paving new inroads into student academic support services and assisting faculty with the redesign of NSC gateway courses and the freshmen experience.
Robin and Tony will be working to provide students with an enriching learning experience that promotes high student achievement, both during their time at NSC and in their post-baccalaureate pursuits, said NSC Provost Dr. Erika Beck. Importantly, their work will be tightly integrated to ensure that NSC students benefit from a consistently supportive and inspiring college experience.
According to Dr. Beck, this decision has been long-awaited by the Office of the Provost. Our number one strategic priority on campus is student success, she said. By establishing these positions, we have engendered a renewed ability to help faculty and staff promote student learning and success.
With multiple teaching awards and Ph.D.’s from Yale and UCLA, respectively, Drs. Cresiski and Scinta are both accomplished teacher-scholars with a deep commitment to shared governance and an established track record of effective academic leadership. Above all else, both have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to intervene on behalf of students for whom NSC is their best and sometimes only hope for success. In doing so, one of their critical aims is to help the institution close equity gaps in retention and completion and propel our unique student population to the highest possible levels of achievement.
Dr. Beck and the entire executive leadership team say they have very much been looking forward to the transition of Drs. Cresiski and Scinta into their new roles. I am genuinely delighted that Robin and Tony will be joining the Office of the Provost, Dr. Beck expressed. I look forward to their partnership in moving the academic strategic plan forward and firmly establishing NSC as the premiere undergraduate institution in Nevada.
Dr. Cresiski and Dr. Scinta officially began their new positions on July 1, 2014.