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Nevada State College wins national award for using technology to enhance learning experience

Jul 28, 2010 | Campus News

HENDERSON, Nev. Nevada State College (NSC) Technology Fellows Institute has won national recognition for its commitment to using technology to advance excellence in teaching and student service. The Technology Fellows Institute received a Catalyst Award from Blackboard Inc. (Nasdaq: BBBB) a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students.
Since its inception, Nevada State College has been at the forefront of incorporating technology into the educational experience. All of the college’s courses have some online or technological element, such as online course chats, Internet-only classes and Web technology used live in the classroom.
Launched by Nevada State College Provost Lesley DiMare, the Technology Fellows Institute encourages technology leaders from the faculty, staff and administration to use technology to further enhance the student experience and improve academic and administrative programs.
Nevada State College has always been committed to implementing technology in all aspects of our academic and student service programs, said Provost Leslie DiMare. As partners with Blackboard, we can further increase the use of innovative technology solutions to enhance the educational experience at NSC, and we are proud to be honored with a Catalyst Award.
Blackboard’s Catalyst Awards recognize and honor innovation and excellence in the Blackboard global community of practice, where teachers and students further advance e-learning. The NSC Technology Fellows Institute won a Catalyst Award for its staff development program, honoring its use of Blackboard solutions to support and enhance faculty and staff skills that provide a better learning experience for students and faculty. The award was presented to the NSC team at BbWorld® 2010, Blackboard’s annual users conference held this month in Orlando, Fla.
We want to recognize the winners of the 2010 Blackboard Catalyst Awards for their outstanding innovations and contributions to the e-learning community, said Ray Henderson, president of Blackboard Inc. Their thought leadership, creativity, and passion are transforming the learning experience for students and learners, and we celebrate those accomplishments.
Blackboard Inc. works with more than 5,000 institutions, including Nevada State College, to increase the use and impact of technology on education.
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About Blackboard Inc.
Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB) is a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students and learners around the world every day. Blackboard’s solutions allow thousands of higher education, K-12, professional, corporate, and government organizations to extend teaching and learning online, facilitate campus commerce and security, and communicate more effectively with their communities. Founded in 1997, Blackboard is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.