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NSHE Board of Regents will Consider Nevada State Renaming

Aug 30, 2022 | Campus News, Home Page Feature

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The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents have an important agenda item to vote on during the Board of Regents Quarterly Meeting on September 8-9: renaming Nevada State from “College” to “University.”

Nevada State is asking the Board to accept a renaming of the school to Nevada State University as an effort to depict the four-year institution’s existing mission more accurately. If passed, the renaming would take effect July 1, 2023. Members of the community may show their support for the renaming online at

The City of Henderson announced their support at the City Council meeting on August 23, with a Resolution urging Nevada’s Board of Regents to approve Nevada State’s renaming. The proposed renaming is also joined in public support by college and university presidents from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), College of Southern Nevada (CSN), and the Desert Research Institute (DRI).

Nevada State President Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard says:

I am eager and hopeful for the “College” to “University” renaming for Nevada State – an institution that has become one of the fastest-growing and dynamic four-year institutions in the country. The proposed renaming is designed to accurately reflect what our institution does; it is not a change in mission. We are also not seeking a change in our funding. Nevada State will remain committed to its mission to provide broad access to diverse, first-generation, and transfer students.

Some may be wondering, why now? 20 years ago, when Nevada State was added to Nevada’s portfolio of distinguished higher education institutions, the term “community college” was common at both state and national levels. That’s not necessarily the case today. Now, “college” is predominately used for community colleges and small liberal arts institutions; whereas “university” refers mainly to four-year institutions and higher. Nevada State is one of few four-year colleges in the western region to still use “college” in its name – in fact, 95% use or have adopted “university” to keep up with the perception of college vs. university. This renaming is not only necessary for the perception of Nevada State, but also critical for economic mobility and competitiveness in Nevada. We believe in equity for our students who have hard-earned degrees from Nevada State and that their diplomas should reflect the same level of distinction as other university degrees.

We’ve seen an overwhelming level of support – nearly 82% – from students, staff, faculty and alumni on this renaming and now, we are hoping to continue momentum with support from the Board of Regents.

Nevada State is a new university – for all. A renaming to “University” during its 20th anniversary is the best way to demonstrate Nevada State’s growth and bright future.


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