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Presidential Scholarships awarded to nine students in recognition of outstanding academic achievements

Oct 1, 2013 | Campus News

By Mandi Enger

With her career aspirations set firmly in mind, Mercedes Quartucci, started her college journey with vigor as an inaugural Scorpion Scholar at Nevada State College (NSC). Receiving a $5,000 Presidential Scholarship for the year, Quartucci is one of nine students this fall that have been awarded this honor in recognition of their high academic achievements.
Quartucci, a 2013 high school graduate of Southeast Career Technical Academy, became eligible for the scholarship as a first-year student meeting the minimum GPA requirement of 3.75.
Being a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship has already helped me with my college plans, shared Quartucci. I am saving up the money that I had planned to use for courses at NSC and am putting it towards future educational needs.
Quartucci looks forward to attending medical school in Boston after completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2017. With an interest in behavioral science and criminal investigation, her dream is to become a coroner and open a funeral home.
The advice I would give to current high school students is to follow your dreams and don’t give up or second guess yourself, added Quartucci. College has been great for me so far. I’m happy that I pushed myself to follow my dreams.
A second scholarship recipient, Kayti Matzke is a spring graduate of Basic High School. I selected business administration as my major because I have worked in retail for over two years now and I think it is interesting learning how a business works, she commented. Throughout her first year of college, Matzke anticipates meeting new friends, making contacts, and taking positive steps towards accomplishing her career goals.
Quartucci, Matzke, and other Scorpion Scholars have the opportunity to maintain their scholarships throughout four years of study, or their first eight regular semesters, by upholding the GPA requirements and enrolling in 12 or more credits per semester. Transfer students entering the college as Scorpion Scholars can retain the scholarship for two years, or four regular semesters.
It’s an honor for Nevada State College and the Office of the President to be able to reward our students as they start their studies off with such a focus on academic success, said President Bart Patterson. I look forward to having these amazing scholars on campus to inspire all students to achieve success.
Presidential Scholars and their families were recognized during a reception held in the Liberal Arts and Sciences building on Wednesday, Sept. 18. The 2013 recipients include six freshmen and three transfer students.
The Scorpion Scholar program additionally offers the Scorpion Scholarship, $1,500 a semester; and the Black and Gold Scholarship, $500 a semester; for students entering NSC with a 3.5 or 3.25 GPA respectively. A total of 16 Scorpion Scholarships and 28 Black and Gold Scholarships were awarded during the fall 2013 semester.
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