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Seismometer at Nevada State College Will be the Best in Southern Nevada

Jun 8, 2007 | Campus News

On June 8, 2007, a Borehole was drilled 105 feet down next to the site of the new Liberal Arts and Sciences building and a seismometer was placed 100 feet inside the hole that will give Nevada State College the best instrumentation for detecting earthquake activity in southern Nevada. A seismograph to read and assess the information gathered by the seismometer will be housed on the second floor of the new building when it is completed.
At 100 feet below the ground, background surface noise will not interfere with seismometers readings and the extremely sensitive instruments will provide fascinating information. First, Nevada is the third most active state in the U.S. in terms of seismic activity, so local readings will be collected. In addition, this seismometer will be able to detect earthquakes throughout the globe and even some nuclear testing.
Students at Nevada State College will now be able to learn about seismic activity in real time. Professors in geology, environmental science, math and physics all plan to utilize the educational aspects of the seismometer in their courses.
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