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The Student Academic Center Presents The Tutoring Squad

Feb 16, 2012 | Campus News

Many bulletin boards around the Nevada State College campus can be found with casually posted flyers and images that catch the occasional wandering student’s eye. However, one particular bulletin board at the Liberal Arts and Sciences Building captivates, and students as well as faculty pause to see what the commotion is all about. In front of the Student Academic Center, at LAS 125, a theme-customized bulletin board is devised at the start of every new semester on behalf of the tutoring staff. The board is eye-grabbing and geared to put the e for exciting in education. The SAC board, as it has been dubbed, serves to entice students to enter the Student Academic Center to take advantage of the range of academic resources available and take part in a unique interactive experience. Besides encouraging students to seek tutoring, the board introduces the close-knit staff to students in hopes they will feel more inclined to receive academic assistance once they realize the friendly nature of the center. The board creatively emphasizes the diverse group of tutors and staff that work in the center, who work together on brainstorming positive themes to motivate students to enter and embrace exemplary assistance the tutoring center offers.
The tutors, coordinators, and especially the director become tactful strategists in determining the next grand scheme to represent the Student Academic Center’s dedication to enhancing learning. They initially gather in a group to discuss potential themes that would deliver a friendly environment and sense of community to any student, while at the same time sending a sting- inspiring in Scorpions a need to succeed. Like a large homecoming banner, the board welcomes incoming students to learn what the SAC is about, and expresses the idea that tutors are fellow peers as well. Therefore, the board acknowledges goals for both student and tutor. This semester, the board’s theme reads The Tutoring Squad which transforms the SAC staff into superheroes seeking to assist students in need, one tutoring session at a time. Bold comic words and biographies send the message, Come meet the team! telling students to build fruitful relationships with the supportive SAC staff. This semester’s board also speaks for the SAC personally, due to superhero characters chosen by each staff member suggesting something special about each personality in a fun, intriguing way. Indeed, the board becomes reflective of the staff’s qualities and consistently announces a vivid representation of student culture at NSC. While the tutors are busy assisting students in need this spring semester, the SAC staff anxiously awaits creating the next SAC board, where a new theme represents new goals and another level of combined creativity.
Students may contact the Student Academic Center for academic assistance by visiting LAS room 125, by calling 702.992.2990 or by email