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Provost and Executive Vice President

A Message from the Provost and Executive Vice President, Vickie Shields, PhD

“Education is undoubtedly the best pathway to upward social mobility. However, education is about so much more than a first job out of college or financial return on investment. It’s about a better understanding of our culture, our society, and our world. It’s about living an inquisitive life. It’s about a tolerance for complexity and difference. It’s about our responsibilities as a free people to protect and perpetuate democracy.

Nevada State College is dedicated to balancing the breadth of knowledge essential to be a fully educated citizen with in-depth career preparation. Ever mindful of serving Nevada’s workforce, NS is distinguished by its diversity, innovation, and commitment to offering a full range of high-quality Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs for our students. The College fosters discovery and dissemination of new knowledge by supporting premier undergraduate teaching and research opportunities, creative activity, and applying existing knowledge to address the social, environmental, educational, and healthcare problems in the world today.

Students at NS study with world-class professors and will find extensive opportunities to work closely with faculty members. Because of small class sizes and individualized attention, students will enjoy the opportunity to work on undergraduate research projects, extracurricular activities, field experiences, clinical work, and service-learning projects.

Come help us build our future together. The faculty and staff at Nevada State College look forward to working and learning with you!”

Headshot of Vickie Shields