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Covid-19 Self-Report: Next Steps

Thank you for submitting a Nevada State College Coronavirus Self-Report.

Please read carefully. 

Case Management outreach is prioritized for timing based on the answers you’ve provided in your self-report or you send after reading this to


What You Need To Do Now:

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Review the CDC’s latest guidelines on isolation and quarantine here and begin following the guidance specific to you immediately: COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation | CDC

If you haven’t scheduled a test yet, do so here. Multiple locations. Free. Open to everyone. No insurance required. You do not have to test through this resource, and are encouraged to test at any available testing site, or at home.

Inform your close contacts now that you are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive. By letting your close contacts know they may have been exposed to COVID-19, you are helping to protect them and others within your community. Review this CDC article about How to Notify People You Have Been Around That They May Have Been Exposed To COVID-19

Email to us know when you receive positive or negative test results if you did not already indicate that in the self-report. Sending your result update via email helps us to close out cases faster. You are not required to provide documentation.

You are automatically clear to return to campus when you have followed the recommended guidelines for when it is safe to end your quarantine/isolation and you are no longer symptomatic. For more details on when it is safe to end your quarantine/isolation, read this: COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation | CDC. You do not need to receive a negative test result to return to campus.

If you were in a physical space on campus within 24 hours of developing symptoms or testing positive, list:

  • The spaces you were in

If you spent time with other NSC Scorpions within 48 hours of developing symptoms or testing positive, list:

  • The people who were your Close Contacts. Close Contacts are people you were closer than 6’ to for more than 15 minutes within a 24 hour period, even if you were wearing masks.
  • Confirmed Close Contacts will be notified of potential exposure by Nevada State College. You should also notify them yourself. Please read here about how to notify your close contacts. How to Notify People You Have Been Around That They May Have Been Exposed To COVID-19

Students: Notify your course instructors if you will be absent from class and get further instructions from them regarding making up work. Inform them that you have completed a Self-Report. In most cases, your course instructors will not be contacted by the Case Management Team or informed of your specific case. It is up to you to communicate directly with them, but if you have questions or need support, email

Students: If you are a School of Nursing Student, email and inform them that you have completed a Self-Report. They will provide specific directions to you.

Employees: Inform your supervisor that you have completed a self-report. You are automatically and immediately approved to begin Temporary Emergency Remote Work Accommodation as long as you 1. Are able to Work, 2. Have your supervisor’s approval to temporarily work remotely during your quarantine/isolation period, 3. Completed a Self-Report.

A designated Case Manager with Nevada State College will be reaching out by phone, text or email in response to your submission. Please watch for a call from 702-860-7557 or a 992 number. The call may come in after hours or on weekends. Your Case Manager can assist with interpreting your unique case, but you should review the guidelines and begin to follow them now.

You are encouraged to reach out by emailing if you have specific questions or need answers before you hear from a designated Nevada State College Case Manager.