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Disablilty Resource Center

Needing academic accommodations? Think you might need them? Get registered with DRC so accommodations can be implemented quickly if needed. Whether you are attending courses on the Nevada State College campus or taking online courses, the DRC is ready to assist you.

Provision of reasonable accommodations is determined individually, based on the nature of the student’s disability, the environmental barriers encountered, and the content of documentation provided. Please feel free to take a look at examples of accommodations which may be available. Students can register with the DRC and request accommodations at any point during the semester, but accommodations are not retroactive.

Current Students

For current DRC students, log-in to request your accommodations.

DRC Career Guidance & Counseling

The Nevada State Disability Resource Center (DRC) is happy to announce a new career guidance and counseling program starting in the Fall 2022 semester.  This program focuses on providing vocational guidance and counseling as it relates to degree programs and future careers and is available to all students registered with the DRC.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact the DRC at 702-992-2180 or email Assistant Director Joan Rachmel at

New Students

Documentation Requirements/Guidlines

A student registering for approval of Accommodations for a disability is required to provide Documentation of the disability to the Disability Resource Center (DRC).  A diagnosis related to a disability must be made by a professional with the appropriate credentials for diagnosing/identifying the specific disability.

Documentation is required for the following three purposes:

  1. To establish that the student is an Individual with a Disability and thus a member of the protected class;
  2. To establish the need for Accommodations on a case-by-case basis due to consideration of functional limitations, the nature of the individual class, and in order to have Equitable Access;
  3. To be prescriptive in assigning reasonable Accommodations through an interactive process.

Documentation must include:

  • A specific diagnostic statement on letterhead identifying the disability and date of the current diagnostic evaluation;
  • A description of the diagnostic criteria and/or diagnostic test(s) used;
  • As appropriate and available, information about how each condition or disability affects the student with regard to physical, emotional, and/or cognitive limitations and the severity of limitations within the classroom;
  • Pertinent information regarding treatments, medications, assistive devices, and resources currently prescribed or in use, particularly if these will have an academic impact;
  • Specific suggestions as to the types of resources that may be considered by the DRC Director or Assistant Director as reasonable Accommodations;
  • Credentials of the diagnosing professional(s).

DRC staff will determine whether the evaluation Documentation is sufficiently current. The DRC Director or Assistant Director will combine the Documentation with information attained during the intake interview and approve appropriate and reasonable Accommodations on a case-by-case basis.

Registration Process

In order for a student with a disability to be approved for Accommodations, the student must first submit appropriate documentation for review.

The student requesting Accommodations should submit documentation to the DRC no less than fourteen (14) working days prior to the first class meeting.

  • If the student does not complete registration for Accommodations a minimum of fourteen (14) Working Days prior to the first day of class, the DRC cannot guarantee that all Accommodations will be available on the first day of class.

Once the review of provided documentation has been complete, the student will be contacted by the DRC to schedule an intake appointment.

Prior to the intake appointment, the student should create a student profile within the DRC AIM (myDRC) database. DRC staff can assist students in locating the DRC AIM (myDRC) database from the Nevada State College website and portal.

If the Documentation provided is not sufficient, in the DRC’s sole discretion subject to applicable law, DRC staff will explain to the student what kind of Documentation is needed.

Additionally, the Director or Assistant Director can discuss options for obtaining the necessary Documentation if the student is unsure if the Documentation is available.

  • Options may include, but are not limited to, accessing records from high school, medical or psychiatric Documentation (or a letter on letterhead from the doctor who made the diagnosis or is treating the condition, and who has signed and dated the letter), audiograms, psychological testing reports, and evaluations from state or community agencies and organizations.

New Students

Once you’ve reviewed the requirements, get started with the DRC and register today.

Student Responsibilities

This is a checklist to help you understand your responsibilities in the accommodation process. The DRC office is available to help you with determining appropriate and reasonable accommodations, better understand the accommodation process, and answer any questions you might have – at any time throughout the semester. Email us at: or contact our office at 702.992.2180 to schedule an appointment.

Your Responsibilities

As early as possible in the semester, contact (either email or phone) your instructors AND discuss with them how the accommodations are to be facilitated. Accommodations are NOT retroactive prior to your discussing your accommodations with each of your instructors.
Any difficulties receiving any needed accommodations must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the DRC staff. The most efficient and quickest way to bring a situation to our attention is to email DRC describing the situation and how the DRC can contact you. Email
You are responsible for following the procedures as written in the DRC Student Handbook. This handbook details accommodation policies and the University ADA/504 Grievance Procedures.

Test Accommodations
  • Remind the faculty member of your test accommodation needs at least 7 days in advance of EACH exam.
    If taking exams at the DRC, you must also schedule exams with the DRC at least 7 days in advance of the test date/time.  Schedule exams via the DRC Online Student Services. Problems or questions? Email
Alternative Formats Accommodation

Submit a conversion request for ALL items which you need converted into an alternative format via the DRC (MyDRC)