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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Finance and Business Operations provides guidance and support for all fiscal, human, physical, and information resources for Nevada State. Find answers to some frequently asked questions below.

What is the legal entity name for Nevada State?

Any contract or agreement with Nevada State must include the legal entity name: “Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education on Behalf of Nevada State College.”

What is the process of paying a guest speaker or independent contractor?

All independent contractors, including guest speakers, who are to be compensated for services must complete an “Independent Contractor Service Agreement” and provide proof of insurance prior to the work/event. The completed form should be emailed to for review, ideally a minimum of two weeks prior. Once approved, a Requisition should be submitted in Workday. Additional information on the ICSA process for a guest speaker or independent contractor can be found in “The ICSA Process” video in the Purchasing Dropbox.

How can I tell if a vendor is registered with Nevada State?

All vendors wishing to do business with Nevada State must be registered with NSHE’s Supplier Registration System (SREG). Vendors can register at

To check and see if a vendor is already registered, visit SREG and click on “Find Supplier” to search registered vendors.

How do I purchase Nevada State branded (logo) items?

The Nevada State Marketing team reviews all NS branded items including promotional items, swag, gifts, brochures, t-shirts, etc. in order to maintain NS’s visual identity and brand guidelines. Typically, inquiries start with the department administrative assistant, who will direct you to your department’s requestor in the Workgroups DaVinci system. Once requests are submitted, Marketing will review and place the order for items.

Additional information on purchasing NS branded (logo) items can be found in the “Purchasing Branded (Custom) Products as Promotional Items, Prizes, or Gifts” training or by contacting Marketing directly at  or 702-992-2360.

Who reviews agreements/contracts/terms and conditions for Nevada State?

Nevada State’s Contracts group, which includes personnel from the President’s Office and Finance and Business Operations, reviews all legally binding agreements for the college. Agreements that must be reviewed on behalf of NS include check box acknowledgement of terms and conditions, privacy policies, purchasing agreements, memorandums of understanding, contracts, etc. Only the President or her delegate(s) are able to sign on behalf of NS, so it is important to not sign or agree to any legal agreements. To request any agreement be reviewed, email .

Who manages public records requests?

Nevada State’s General Counsel reviews and manages all public records requests in accordance with the Nevada Open Records Act (NRS 239.010). All requests should be sent to .

I have to make a payment to a student. Where do I start?

Payments to students are oftentimes complicated and may have tax or financial aid implications. Depending upon the type of payment, payments are initiated either by Financial Aid, Human Resources, or Accounting Services. For additional information on the types of payments, including a flow chart to determine the best place to start, review FBO’s Payments to Students Guidelines.

Are there restrictions to items that can be purchased on my PCard?

Nevada State must follow specific guidelines provided by the State of Nevada and Nevada System of Higher Education regarding purchases, including those made on a PCard.

Accounting Services or Purchasing can also help with any questions you may have regarding PCard purchases.

Are there any computer labs on campus?

Nevada State’s Office of Information and Technology Services supports a number of open and instructional computer labs and workstations that provide computing resources to all registered students, faculty, and staff. All workstations provide access to the Internet, Microsoft Office, and WebCampus.

Nevada State conforms to the NSHE computing resources policy. Inappropriate use of computing or networking resources, as defined in this policy, may result in the loss of computing privileges.

For a list of computer labs, visit the ITS Facilities website.

How can I get IT support?

Technical support is available to all currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. To submit a work order for support, please contact the Information and Technology Services (ITS) Support Center at 702-992-2400. If a technician is not available, please leave a detailed message including:

Your name and contact information
Your employee or student ID number (if applicable)
A detailed description of your issue/request
Once available, a technician will respond to your request in the order it was received. Faculty, staff, and students may also log on to the online Support Portal to submit a work order and track the status of existing resources.

Can you help me access my Faculty/Staff Account?

Your NSC ID is the username and password you use to access campus technology resources.

Faculty, staff, and part-time employees:

  • Username: Your 10 digit NSHE identification number
  • Password: Provided by your department at the start of employment

Student employees:

  • Username: FirstInitial+LastName (i.e., Bob Smith = bsmith)
  • Password: Provided by your department at the start of employment

If you’ve never logged into the NS portal, please follow the directions below to fully set up your account and configure a new password:

  1. Go to
  2. In the username field, enter your username from above, then click OK
  3. Enter your default password
  4. Click the LOGIN button
  5. Answer the security questions and click SAVE
  6. Enter a new password that is at least 10 characters long
  7. Confirm your new password by typing it again and click OK
  8. Click “take me to”

Your NS ID is now ready to use for the NS portal and all on-campus systems, such as the computers or wireless. If you ever forget your password, you can visit to reset it without having to call for help.

I'd like to purchase some items for my office. Are there any guidelines or approvals needed?

Furniture, furnishings, décor, accessories, and other equipment requests should be submitted to Campus Infrastructure for review prior to purchase. Examples of such items that require prior approval include, but are not limited to, lamps, fans, space heaters, monitors, desktop risers, non-networked scanners.

The Campus Infrastructure team reviews for ergonomics, durability, sustainability, and safety criteria. To request a review by Campus Infrastructure, complete the NSC Project & Space Request Form or submit the request in the Portal.