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Immunization & Vaccine Records

November 2023 Update:

Beginning Fall 2024, the Required Immunization Policy will be reinstated. Students who are admitted for Fall 2024 will be required to submit proof of the following immunizations.

  1. Two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). The first dose must be on or before your first birthday;
  2. One dose of the tetanus/diphteria (Td or TDAP) vaccine, taken in the last ten (10) years;
  3. All incoming or enrolled first-year who are under the age of 23 are required to submit proof of immunization for meningococcus. Meningococcal vaccine with at least one dose occurring on or after age 16.

Acceptable versions of meningococcal vaccine are:

  • Menactra or Menveo (MenACYW-135)
  • MCV4

Versions of meningococcal vaccine which will not meet this requirement are:

  • Bexero or Trumemba (MENG B)
  • HIB Meningitis

To view the full Required Immunization Policy, visit

Acceptable Proof of Immunization

  • Childhood immunization card signed by a physician or nurse, including the facility name and address
  • High school or college records
  • Military, state, or county records
  • Lab report that indicates immunity (titer test for MMR)
  • Health department records
  • Records from a pharmacy, including name and address
  • Records from WebIZ (for immunizations received in Nevada only)


Medical and Religious Exemptions

The State Board of Health Vaccine Exemption Forms are available for download online on the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) forms website.

Exemption Petitions

A student shall not be required to provide proof of immunization if any of the following apply:

A. The student is enrolled entirely in online courses and does not attend any class sessions on campus. Please click the “Online Coursework Exemption Form” below if this will apply to you for fall 2022. If a student enrolls in an in-person/hybrid class without having submitted proof of immunization they will be administratively dropped from that class.

B. The student (or, if the student is a minor, the student’s parent or guardian) is granted an exemption after submitting the exemption form below, indicating that the student’s religious beliefs prohibit Immunization; please note, this review may take up to 2-3 weeks.

C. The student (or, if the student is a minor, the student’s parent or guardian)  is granted an exemption after submitting the exemption form below, filled out by a licensed physician who has examined and/or treated the student, stating that the student has a medical condition that prevents the student from being Immunized to the extent required.

D. On the Medical and Religious Exemption Forms, students are not required to complete section 3 on the form. It is for university use only.

Exemption forms (Medical or Religious) must be attached with your submission. 

If you have been admitted in the last 24 hours, email the exemption forms to, with your name and NSHE ID. 

In the case of a public health outbreak, non-Immunized students will not be admitted onto campus (including residential housing associated with the College), regardless of exemption status. Such removals do not warrant a refund of tuition, fees, or expenses related to housing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If an enrollment hold has been placed on my account due to unmet immunization requirements, what is the process of removing it?
  1. Obtain your immunization records via one of the methods listed on this page (see Acceptable Proof of Immunization section or the FAQ question on how to get a copy of your records)
  2. Submit immunization records via the Submit Records button
  3. Students will receive an email notification once their immunization records have been reviewed 
    • Hold will be removed once a student has been cleared for all required immunizations
How do I submit my immunization records?
  1. Ensure you have been admitted and have an NSHE ID.
  2. Complete the Immunization & Vaccinations Verification form.
    • If you were admitted in the last 24 hours, please email your immunizations records to
  3. If you cannot locate your vaccination records, we recommend searching NV WebIZ, a free archive, or referring to this page, which provides information on how to obtain records.
  4. As soon as we’ve reviewed your request, we will send you an email letting you know if the immunization requirements have been met. Non-compliant submissions will require additional time to process.
Where can I get a copy of my immunization records?
  • Nevada residents can utilize the Nevada WebIZ website to access their records for free. Their website is:
  • You can contact your healthcare provider and request a copy of your record
  • CCSD students have the ability to request their immunization records as part of their high school transcript, but please remember you must attach the record here
  • You may also refer to this page via the CDC which provides information on how to obtain records
I don't have access to my immunization record. How do I provide immunization?

Students who are not able to acquire/access their immunization records may take a titer test to test for antibodies against the required immunizations.

Where can I get immunized?

You may obtain immunizations from the following:

  • Your primary healthcare provider
  • Some local pharmacies
  • Southern Nevada Health District