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NSC Academic Advisor receives Chandler Award for Master’s work at San Jose State University

Mar 21, 2012 | Campus News

By Mandi Enger
As a part of NSC’s commitment to fostering ongoing education for students as well as faculty and staff, NSC is proud to congratulate Adeste Sipin, an esteemed Academic Advisor at the college, for receiving the prestigious Chandler Award from San Jose State University (SJSU).
Since 2009, the Chandler Award has been designated annually to two SJSU sociology students for their excellence on social theory and/or research methodology established through written comprehensive examinations. Perusing a Master’s of Arts in Sociology from SJSU, Adeste Sipin was the sole recipient of both honors for the 2012 school year. The award was accepted by Sipin on February 24, 2012 during an awards luncheon with the Chandler family.
Adeste joined the NSC team in 2006 after graduation from the University of California, Los Angeles where he received dual bachelor degrees in Economics and Asian American Studies. Initially brought on as an Academic Recruiter, he was quickly promoted to Academic Advisor.
After meeting Adeste when he first joined the NSC advising team, I immediately recognized his aptitude for working with others as well as his love for learning. I knew he’d continue to advance in his educational career and encouraged him to do so, shared Erika Beck, Provost and Executive Vice President at Nevada State College.
With an ongoing attention and curiosity of social issues, Sipin enrolled in two undergraduate sociology courses at NSC.
Adeste became interested in sociology after taking a gender course, and in both gender and the race/ethnicity class, his critical thinking skills immediately stood out, stated Dr. Gwen Sharp of NSC. I knew from the first paper he turned in to me that he would make an excellent sociologist, and I’m just glad he fell in love with the discipline.
After completing the two sociology courses, Sipin took a two-year hiatus from his career at NSC to enter the SJSU graduate program. Sipin was ready to excel in his courses, even as the area of study was relatively new to him in comparison to other graduate students.
My intent from the first day was to be number one and really shine in the eyes of my professors and other students. This is a goal I encourage my NSC students to take on as well, said Sipin.
This spring Adeste plans to finish the writing of his thesis, detailing his research surrounding fraternity attitudes towards the gay population.
“I used my entire coursework at SJSU to prepare for my thesis. I’m looking forward to defending my paper this June for publication later in the year, he continued.
Moving forward, Sipin aspires to continue his study of social science through a doctoral program and ultimately become a professor of sociology at Nevada State.
There is a true entrepreneurial spirit at NSC that continues to motivate me. You can easily feel the support and encouragement that is needed to advance and reach your goals students, staff and faculty alike, finished Sipin.