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Chemistry Minor

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NSC’s Minor in Chemistry provides you with the opportunity to explore major areas of the discipline, including general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, spectroscopy, medicinal chemistry and natural products. Students who complete the Minor in Chemistry will be able to predict outcomes of reactions, design routes to synthetically construct a wide range of molecules, systematically prove a molecular structure,  predict whether a subset of molecules will exhibit certain biological properties and describe the synthesis and degradation of biomolecules. Courses in the minor emphasize understanding the role of chemistry in biological systems as well as the development and interactions of drugs, preparing you for careers in scientific research, medicine or pharmaceutical science.

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Degree Outcomes 

  • Determine outcomes of chemical reactions involving organic and inorganic molecules;
  • Design routes to synthetically construct a wide range of molecules;
  • Describe and compare the energetics of molecules and reactions;
  • Determine and prove the absolute structures of organic and biological molecules;
  • Identify and describe the different classes of natural products;
  • Predict molecular and biological properties of molecules;
  • Write scientific reports and give a scientific talk;
  • Convey the role of chemistry in biological systems;
  • Run advanced scientific instrumentation associated with spectroscopy;
  • Prove the molecular structures of unknown molecules;
  • Demonstrate the ability to convert natural structures into medicinal drugs or other useful products;
  • Isolate natural products through laboratory experimentation;
  • Determine purity and composition of compounds.

Degree Requirements

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