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Communication (BA)

Learn the Art and Science of Communication

In NSC’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication, you’ll learn about public speaking, communication across cultures, persuasive techniques, strategic communication, and how to critically evaluate various forms of media, including advertising, social media, television, music, and films. You can select either the Public Relations or Media Studies concentration, and further tailor your degree toward a career or graduate program with Communication electives. When you complete the program, you’ll be a capable public presenter, a critically vigilant media consumer, and an adept interpersonal communicator, prepared to make a difference in the world.

Degree Outcomes

  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of the evolution, various types/contexts, and theories of human communication;
  • Become capable public presenters both individually and collaboratively;
  • Learn the value of and techniques for communicating successfully in the work world;
  • Become more critically vigilant media consumers;
  • Become adept interpersonal and intercultural communicators;
  • Learn to become effective team players and be frequent given opportunities to experience collaborative success.

Degree Requirements

Engaging Classes

A BA in Communication is a great option for students interested in engaging classes that tackle contemporary topics and explore challenging questions, such as:

  • COM 110 – What role does power play in society?
  • COM 221 – How can social media affect our culture? 
  • COM 261 – What are the most effective public relations techniques?
  • COM 380 – How are women represented in film, television, and music?
  • COM 404  – How can I communicate persuasively?

Career & Salary

Communicating effectively is a fundamental skill in our culture. Therefore, learning how to communicate effectively gives you a wide range of career options and a useful set of skills for any organization. Communication majors become social media managers, public relations specialists, and business leaders. They are also well-situated to pursue an advanced degree in any field that requires strong communication skills.

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