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Criminal Justice (BAS)

Finish Your Path To A Career In Criminal Justice

The ways we choose to create and enforce our laws says a great deal about us as a culture. The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Criminal Justice provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge about the criminal justice system as well as the management of law enforcement or criminal justice agencies. The degree is designed for students who have already earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in criminal justice.

Our BAS in Criminal Justice has a strong focus in working with, and giving back to, the local community. As a Criminal Justice major, you will study how the law is created and enforced, as well as how that enforcement affects various segments of society. You’ll also study the emerging field of social justice, which explores how individuals can help to solve social problems, such as inequality, social exclusion, and human rights violations. This is a great major for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their community.

Degree Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic structures and functions of the American Criminal Justice system;
  • Explain major concepts and competing theoretical perspectives in criminology and social justice including sociological understandings of crime, criminal behavior, social control, and deviance;
  • Understand and apply basic research methods and statistical techniques used in criminal justice and criminology;
  • Identify ethical and social justice issues impacting the criminal justice system.

Engaging Classes

With classes like Vice, Drugs, and the Law (CRJ 326) and Terrorism: Theory and Response (CRJ 481), you are guaranteed to have engaging discussions and exciting assignments. If you are interested in dealing directly with some of our culture’s most heated debates, Criminal Justice is a great major for you.

The criminal justice program also supports several internships, which help students get real-world experience with expert guidance.

Career & Salary

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Notably, many students are attracted to criminal justice because they’d like to work in law enforcement. However, the field of criminal justice covers a wide range of topics and lends itself to numerous careers, including positions in social services, corrections, immigration, and parole administration. You’ll enter these fields with a strong understanding of how the choices you make can inspire meaningful changes and improve the lives of those around you.

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