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English (BA)

Immerse Yourself In Literature and Writing

As an English major at Nevada State College, you will learn how the study of literature and writing can help you understand a diverse range of narratives, communities, and cultures. Beyond the joys of reading, writing, and collaborating with your peers, you will gain communication and critical thinking skills that can be applied directly to your life outside of the classroom. Through discussion, creation, and revision, you will become confident and well-rounded practitioners of the myriad modes of reading and writing, which gives you the necessary skills to succeed in a wide variety of careers in business, government, education, publishing, law, entertainment, communications, and the arts.

In our close-knit program, talented and creative faculty are here to support you as you embark on your journey. Whether you want to follow a creative path and become an author, share your knowledge with others as a teacher, or use your writing in broadcasting or marketing, a BA in English from Nevada State will give you a strong foundation for any endeavor you choose.

Degree Outcomes

  • Critically engage with scholarly research and write in multiple formats, including convincing literary analyses, with exceptional clarity and insight
  • Interpret traditional texts, such as printed prose and poetry, and nontraditional forms of literature, such as graphic novels, film, and digital media, using academic voice
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of various literary periods as well as both canonical and emerging areas of literary theory
  • Identify the rhetorical context of an assignment and use that knowledge to shape their own argumentative, creative, and interpretive choices
  • Articulate the importance of culturally diverse contributions to the literary canon and an intersectional approach to the interpretation of literature

Degree Requirements

Engaging Classes

  • At NSC, our exceptional faculty offer dynamic and innovative classes that will help you understand literature in new ways. In a given semester, you could take:

    • An introduction to writing fiction and poetry (ENG 205)
    • A class on graphic novels as literature (ENG 277)
    • A class that critically analyzes low-budget movies (ENG 477c)
    • A course that pairs The Hunger Games with Orwell’s 1984. (ENG 298)

    If you are interested in continuing into a graduate program, you can apply to participate in an honors project, where you work one-on-one with a faculty member to study a topic that interests you. The culmination of this project is a 15-20 page research paper, which you will defend before a faculty panel. This is a challenging but highly rewarding project that gives you a strong foundation for future graduate work.

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