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History (BA) – Pre-Law

The History Major with a Pre-Law Concentration is designed to give students who wish to pursue legal studies an extra edge by building on the strengths of our existing B.A. program in History and challenging students to master additional skills and knowledge areas in legal history, the U.S. Constitution, ethical thinking, logic, and critical analysis.

Prepare Yourself For Law School

As a History Major with a Pre-Law Concentration, you will learn skills that will last a lifetime, while participating in the kind of open, comprehensive learning that is advocated by major legal organizations.

At NSC, your degree program is geared toward student success. You won’t just be stuck behind a desk taking notes during a lecture; you will be exploring documents, historical photographs, and old films. You will be making arguments and taking part in cutting-edge kinds of research such as our new undergraduate oral history project where students will be involved in actually taping and filming area residents as they retell our past. As a History Major with a Concentration in Pre-Law, you will also prepare for success in the professional world.

Degree Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the basic historical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to understand different perspectives about the past and the complex multicultural world we live in today;
  • Demonstrate an ability to perform serious historical research and an understanding of historical methodologies, historical theory, and historiography;
  • Understand the use and misuse of historical argument and make connections between individual events and larger historical themes;
  • Demonstrate a familiarity with the histories of injustice and movements for social change.

Degree Requirements

Engaging Classes

What separates our BA in History with a Pre-Law concentration from our BA in History is an emphasis on classes that will help you succeed in a law program. A few examples include:

BLW 302 Legal Environment
HIST 401 – US Constitutional & Legal History
HIST 403 – Modern American Civilization

Career & Salary

If you wish to work in a paralegal position, a bachelor’s degree is typically required. The mean annual salary for paralegals and legal assistants in Nevada is $53,910 (2017 BLS).

Becoming a lawyer will typically require you to pursue a graduate education. There is no specific degree you need to get into a law program, but some programs provide a stronger foundation than others. The BA in History with a Pre-Law concentration is designed to give you the background you need to succeed. Once you’ve completed a law program, there are several career options with high-paying salaries:

  • Mean annual salary for lawyers in Nevada: $141,890 (2017 BLS)
  • Mean annual salary for judicial law clerks in Nevada: $57,920 (2017 BLS)

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