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History (BA)

Become A Part Of History

Studying history is a journey of exploration. It is an exploration of our ancestors, an exploration into our communities and into our world, and an exploration of ourselves. At NSC, you will play an active role in this journey by taking classes taught by our award-winning faculty and by becoming not just a student of history, but a historian yourself.

History isn’t simply remembering dates and names. It is an act of exploration and interpretation where you will use the relics of the past to try to figure out how things have changed over time. Historians attempt to find patterns and establish meaning through the rigorous study of documents and artifacts left by people of other times and other places. History gives you the skills necessary to understand our complex world and helps analyze and write better, preparing you for careers in education, business, communications, government, law, museum work, and public service.

A unique feature of our program is its flexible scheduling. We are committed to providing regularly scheduled evening and online classes, making the degree more accessible for students who work during the day.

Degree Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the basic historical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to understand different perspectives about the past and the complex multicultural world we live in today;
  • Demonstrate an ability to perform serious historical research and an understanding of historical methodologies, historical theory, and historiography;
  • Understand the use and misuse of historical argument and make connections between individual events and larger historical themes;
  • Demonstrate a familiarity with the histories of injustice and movements for social change.

Degree Requirements

Career & Salary

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Studying history is excellent preparation for a career in education, museum management, or government work. Our graduates also go on to law schools and graduate programs that prepare them for a wide range of careers, including librarianship and archival work.

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Engaging Classes

Our program offers a wide range of classes that will give you a strong foundation in the study of history. All students take two foundational classes:

  • HIST 251 Historical Investigation
  • HIST 499 Senior Seminar in History

Students then have the option to select the classes they’d like, including:

  • HIST 307 US Involvement in Vietnam
  • HIST 478 Middle Eastern Studies
  • HIST 485 Oral History
  • HIST 478 Topics: Understanding American Music and Regional History with O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • HIST 228 (Introduction to Latin American History and Culture II)
  • HIST 320 (Hispanic Culture in the US)
  • HIST 432 Women’s History
  • HIST 433 African American History

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