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Visual Media (BA) 3+1 with TMCC

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This partnership with TMCC allows students to complete three years towards a BA in Visual Media at TMCC and complete their final year with NSC. The first two years are an AA in Graphic Arts and Media Technology (at TMCC), the third year is an Advanced Certificate in Graphic Arts and Media Technology (also at TMCC), and the final year is a BA in Visual Media with NSC. Students complete their final year on TMCC’s campus, making the program a seamless path to a bachelor’s degree.

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Degree Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the historical development of cinematic, animated, and/or photographic media
  • Analyze cinematic, animated, and/or photographic texts through a variety of critical and theoretical frames
  • Use software tools, cameras, and other production equipment to create compelling, high-quality films and/or images
  • Integrate or engage with historical precedent or critical or theoretical principles in media production
  • Demonstrate knowledge of industry standards and needs for media production

Degree Requirements

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Engaging Classes

Once you’ve completed your AA in Graphic Arts and Media Technology (60 Credits) at TMCC and your Advanced Certificate in Graphic Arts and Media Technology (30 Credits), you’ll take the following classes with NSC:

Communication/Writing (6 Credits)
Choose 2: COM 380 Women in Media, COM 412 Intercultural Communication, COM 431 – Visual Literacy, ENG 407A Fundamentals of Business Writing

Applied Theory and Criticism (Select 6 credits)
VIS 485 – Applied Theory in Media Production
VIS 486 – Applied History in Media Production

Visual Media Studies (3 Credit)
VIS 361 Concepts of Media Arts, VIS 487 Applied Theory in Visual Literacy, OR VIS 489 Special Topics in Visual Media Studies

Capstone Classes (6 credits)
VIS 490 – Senior Projects
VIS 496 – Senior Portfolio

Internship (3 credits)
VIS 499 Internship

Upper Division Electives (6 Credits)
Any upper division class from NSC.

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