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To register for classes, admitted students must use Student Center located within MyNevadaState.

Step 1: Review the Academic Calender

Review the Academic Calendar and take note of key dates and deadlines.

Step 2: Enrollment Appointment Schedule

To view your enrollment date, please sign into your student account via the MyNevadaState and go to your Student Center.  It will be located on the right-hand side under Enrollment Dates. Click on “Details” for more information on the enrollment appointment.  Select term and Nevada StateUniversity as the institution in order to view the time and date you may begin enrolling.  For a more detailed how-to, you can visit our FAQ page on Enrollment Appointments.

Step 3: Clearing Account Holds

Holds on your account must be cleared before you can register. To view your holds log onto MyNevadaState and go to your Student Center. It will be located on the right-hand side under Holds. Clicking for details of each hold will provide you with details about the hold and how to clear the hold.

Step 4: Enroll Into Courses

To register for classes, admitted students must use Student Center located within MyNevadaState.

Within your student center select Enroll.  From there you will be able to search for courses.

Click here to view a detailed guide.

Common Registration issues

Internal Error Message

If you are getting an Internal Error whenever you try to access your Student Center links (including make a payment, add a class, etc.) from your Nevada State Portal,  please clear your cache and allow cookies, then restart your browser.

For further assistance with this issue, contact IT Support at 702-992-2400 or

Time Conflict Error

The system will not allow you to enroll in classes that have overlapping start or end times.

Pre-Requisites / Co-Requisites Not Met

Review the courses enrollment requirements and verify that the requirements have been met.  Some courses require an additional course to be enrolled at the same time.

If you believe you have met the enrollment requirements and wish to petition. You may  do so by completing our Pre-requisite/Co-requisite override petition located under Registrar Forms.

Some courses require Instructor Approval or Department Consent.

  • Instructor Approval: Reach out to the instructor to request permission. The instructor will notify their department admin.
  • Department Consent: To request department consent. From your student email reach out to us at Provide your NSHE ID and the course and section you are trying to enroll. A Registration Special Approval form will be sent to you for completion.
Drop Consent for Math and English

If your receiving an error message stating consent is required when dropping a Math or English course. You would need to reach out to Academic Advising to request permission at 702-992-2160 or

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.