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Student Wellness Services

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Case Manager


Tthe Nevada State University case manager’s role is to ensure that students have all of the support they need, both inside and outside the classroom, to be successful. If you are struggling with hunger, unstable housing, safety, mental health worries or ANY other concerns, contact CARE Services. Together, we can help meet those needs.

Contact Information:

Cassandra Crevling
Case Manager

Rogers Student Center, Room 250
Ph: 702.992.2514

Submitting a Referral


Students, faculty or staff members may report any concerns about students to the Case Manager or CARE Team. Once submitted, the referral will go directly to the Case Manager who will address the concern appropriately and/or with the CARE Team. To report these concerns, follow the instructions below or watch this how-to video.

Faculty & Staff


1. Login to the Scorpion Success Network here

2. Search for the student using the search bar in the upper right corner of your screen and click on their name

3. In the upper left corner of the student’s profile, click the “Flag” button

4. Select the “CARE Team Flag” and provide as much detail as possible



1. Login to the Scorpion Success Network here

2. Click on the menu button in the top left corner of the home page

3. Click on “Raise Your Hand”

4. Complete the referral

Care Team


The purpose of the Nevada State College CARE Team is to assess, discuss, and recommend intervention to the appropriate campus departments, divisions or persons in response to significant campus situations and events such as: issues of bias, student death or significant trauma, problematic student situations involving medical or psychological concerns, and campus emergency situations that directly affect the well-being of students and the campus community at large.


Our Mission


To maintain a safe and secure learning environment at Nevada State College by addressing the physical and psychological issues that impact students, faculty and staff in the pursuit of the educational process.




• Dr. Stefanie Coleman, Dean of Students
• Dr. Gwen Sharp, Provost of Academic Initiatives
• Amey Evaluna, Manager | ivision of College and Community Engagement
• Jesse Poole, Associate Director of Academic Advising & Student Success Initiatives
• Sharnee’ Walker, Director of Disability Resource Center
• Anthony Morrone, Director of Financial Aid
• Laura Hinojosa, Case Manager



All persons involved in the CARE Team meetings and assessments are to adhere to the laws and regulations governing information disclosure to third parties. Any names that are discussed will be kept in the strictest confidence. Such information is only disclosed on an administrative need to know basis and only according to the relevant statutes that govern such disclosure.

Any institutional representative serving in a therapeutic role for students (i.e. mental health counselor) will disclose information only if exigent circumstances exists and meets the criteria for release under HIPAA and psychological ethical guidelines.