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Become A Member

As a public body, NSSA follows open meeting laws. This means that all of our meetings are completely open to any student, staff, or outsider. Even as a non-voting member, all opinions and comments are highly encouraged. We want students to join us at our meetings to provide insight into their experience at NSC.

Run For Office

Prior to election time, an Election Task Force is created to withhold the requirements and process set forth by our constitution and by-laws.

  1. Attend a mandatory election orientation meeting.
  2. Abide by the signed rules and set eligibility established by the Election Task Force and set by the constitution.
  3. Submit Biography and Picture.
  4. Campaign with approved materials for 15 calendar days prior to the scheduled election.
  5. Results posted the day following the last election day by 5:00 pm.


Become Appointed

In the event of a vacancy, the President shall recommend an appointee to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

  1. Submit a letter of intent to the President.
  2. President conducts interviews.
  3. Recommendation brought to Joint Session with approval by a two-thirds vote.
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General Elections

April | Every Academic Year

This election is used to choose officials not required to participate in Special elections. Elected officer’s terms consist of one academic year from May 1st to April 30 of the next year.  Senator credit groups break down as follows: 0-29 freshman, 30-59 sophomore, 60-89 junior, and 90+ senior.

Special Elections

September & February | Every Academic Year

These elections occur in the event of unfilled positions from general elections. The September special election is used to fill positions in the 0-29 credit senate group (freshman). Additionally, special elections are utilized for transfer students new to NSC or to fill a vacancy in the office of the President.