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Presidents Transition Advisory Committee

Because meaningful connection is important to President Pollard, she has worked with her team to develop a Transition Advisory Committee (TAC) to help aid and guide her in these critical upcoming months. She knows her success as the next president of Nevada State College is dependent on deep learning about the culture, rich and meaningful communication, and intentional and authentic connections. The TAC will help President Pollard make sense of what she is hearing, seeing, and experiencing.

Committee Members

  • Ms. Lauren Porter, NSSA President
  • Ms. Dara Colon, NSSA Vice President
  • Dr. Samantha Jewell, Faculty Senate Chair
  • Ms. Phoebe McKnight, Classified Council Chair
  • Dr. Logan Kennedy, Nevada State Nevada Faculty Alliance/AAUP President
  • Dr. Dennis Potthoff, Dean, School of Education
  • Dr. June Eastridge, Dean, School of Nursing
  • Dr. Elizabeth Gunn, Dean, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Stefanie Coleman, Dean of Students
  • Dr. Gregory Robinson, Vice Provost for Student Success
  • Ms. Berna Rhodes-Ford, General Counsel
  • Dr. Christine Beaudry, School of Education
  • Dr. Ludy Llasus, School of Nursing
  • Dr. Chris Harris, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Mr. Nathaniel King, Director of Library Services
  • Ms. Pam Levins, Associate Vice President, Finance and Business Operations
  • Mr. Eric Gilliland, Director of Human Resources
  • Mr. Brian Chongtai, Director of Information and Technology Services
  • Mr. Anthony Morrone, Director of Financial Aid
  • Dr. Laura Rosales Lagarde, Sustainability Council
  • Ms. LaNelda Rolley, Director of Marketing and Events
  • Mr. Charles Buckner, Associate Director of Recruitment
  • Ms. Amey Evaluna, Interim Director, Office of Community, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Ms. Angela Brommel, Executive Director, Office of Arts and Culture
Headshot of Dr. Amber Lopez Lasater
DR. Amber Lopez Lasater, Chief Of Staff

Transition Advisory Committee Coordinator