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Visual Media (BA)

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The Visual Media program includes three tracks:

Digital Cinema

There’s nothing quite so thrilling as the hush of the set and the call of ‘Action!’ In the Digital Cinema track, you’ll learn the art and craft of filmmaking, including screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and sound. Students direct several short films, working with actors and crews and shooting with professional digital equipment.


In the animation track, you’ll learn drawing and animation skills in the production of 2D animated shorts. You’ll also enhance your films with motion graphics and visual effects work, add soundtracks and music, and turn your creativity into rich visual productions.

Photo Doc

This track prepares students for work in both photography and videography, including photography projects and techniques, and strategies for event videography and non-narrative storytelling.

Degree Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the historical development of cinematic, animated, and/or photographic media
  • Analyze cinematic, animated, and/or photographic texts through a variety of critical and theoretical frames
  • Use software tools, cameras, and other production equipment to create compelling, high-quality films and/or images
  • Integrate or engage with historical precedent or critical or theoretical principles in media production
  • Demonstrate knowledge of industry standards and needs for media production
  • Work effectively with actors, subjects, crews, and other personnel in the course of media production

Degree Requirements

Engaging Classes

  • ART 201 Life Drawing
  • VIS 213 Sound Recording and Design
  • VIS 235 After Effects
  • FIS 470 Women in Film

The Visual Media program has several directed studies classes that allow you to work on individual projects.

Careers & Salary

In our media rich culture, the ability to tell stories visually gives you the power to pursue a number of careers, including positions in marketing and social media. You can also work as a freelance artist, creating videos for clients who want to tell their unique story. No matter what you chose to do, the skills you learn in our visual media program will give you a strong foundation in creative visual work.

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