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Application Instructions

Step 1: Review your Degree Requirements

Confirm that your academic requirements have been met. To review your academic requirements. Log-in to MyNSC  access your Student Center.

You are eligible to apply if you have have an expected senior standing at the time of your application. In other words, your earned credits plus the credits you are currently enrolled in should equal 90 or more and 75% of your degree requirements have been completed. This should occur approximately 2 academic semesters before your anticipated final semester.

Step 2: Reach Out to Your Academic Advisor

Contact your academic advisor if you have questions regarding your academic requirements. Or to discuss plans to complete any outstanding requirements by the end of your graduating semester.

Step 3: Apply for Graduation

Every candidate for a degree must formally apply for graduation. Links to submit a graduation application can be found below.

Note: Review the Graduation Deadlines located below.

Step 4: Update Your Address

It is important that your home address on record is up-to-date. To ensure your diploma and graduation correspondences are sent to the correct address.

To review or make changes. Log-in to MyNSC  access your Student Center.

Step 5: Prepare for Commencement

Visit our schools Commencement Ceremony Homepage for more information.

If you have any other questions regarding the commencement ceremony please reach out to our schools commencement team. They can be reached at

Graduation Application

Once you have submitted a graduation application please allow 4-8 weeks after the application has been received. You will receive a notification outlining the review of your application.

Have Questions about your Graduation Application?

If you have questions about your Graduation Application or Graduation Update please reach out to us at

Need to Update or Make Changes to Your Graduation Application?

A Graduation Update Form must be submitted if students who have applied for graduation and need to update or make the following changes:

    • Cancel graduation application entirely (student must re-apply at a later date)
    • Update..
      • Anticipated final semester
      • Commencement attendance (will or will not attend)
      • Diploma name
      • Change/Add/Drop of a degree/major/minor

Graduation Update



Graduation Application Deadline

To Attend Spring Commencement: Apply by October 1st

Fall Graduation: Apply by May 1st

Spring Graduation: Apply by October 1st

Summer Graduation: Apply by October 1st

    • If your application has already been submitted, attendance decision may be updated by or before April 9th. Failure to adhere to this deadline will result in the student’s name not appearing in the commencement program

Diplomas & Degrees

Diplomas are ordered after all degrees are conferred. Nevada State confers degrees three (3) times per academic year. Please note that we do not automatically send transcripts to outside agencies, such as licensing boards; a transcript request must be submitted along with the appropriate fees.

When Will My Degree BePosted on My Transcript

Posting of degrees will happen 14-business days after the last day of the terms full-semester. Once posted your unofficial and official transcript will reflect the degree earned. To view Key Term dates please view the Academic Calendar.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Diploma

From the last day of the terms full-semester it will take approximately 8-12-weeks to be mailed to the home address listed within your MyNSC student center.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the address on record is accurate and up-to-date.

Review and Clear Any Holds

To ensure you receive your diploma make sure there are no outstanding holds on your account. Students with outstanding financial obligations will not receive their diploma until all such obligations have been met.

To review your holds log onto MyNSC and go to your Student Center. Holds can be found on the right side of your Student Center. Clicking for details of each hold will provide you with details about the hold and how to clear the hold.

Requesting a Duplicate Diploma

Requesting a duplicate diploma can be done in-person or through mail.

For mailed request please click the following link below and review the form carefully. Submit the completed form, a copy of a valid photo ID, and payment to the address listed above.

Note: Duplicate diplomas are not issued unless all financial obligations to the college are fulfilled

Duplicate Diploma Request Form

Commencement Ceremony

Visit our schools Commencement Ceremony Homepage for more information.

If you have any other questions regarding the commencement ceremony please reach out to our schools commencement team. They can be reached at