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Services for Current Nevada State Students

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Services for Current Nevada State Students

Current student definition: A student who is currently enrolled in a course at Nevada State, or has been enrolled in courses within the past 2 semesters (Fall & Spring; Summer does not count). Students who have not taken classes for 2 or more semesters (Fall & Spring) concurrently need to re-apply and re-enroll before they can utilize our services.

This does NOT include dual-enrolled students. We are not able to support dual-enrolled students in Career Services. Please talk to your high school guidance counselors for career information and support.


Our 1:1 career advising appointments are available year-round. During winter and summer terms, hours may vary slightly. We do not offer drop-in / rapid career advising in the summer.

1:1 Career Advising Appointments

Through 1:1 career advising with our experienced Career Advisors, students can get support with:

  • Exploring careers and exploring Nevada State majors
  • Exploring graduate school programs, comparing programs and understanding which programs will support your overall career goals
  • Job and internship application materials such as resumes/CVs, cover letters, references
  • Searching for jobs (on and off campus) and internships 
  • Reviewing and negotiating job offers including understanding job benefits, salary and perks
  • Interview skills including mock interviews where you can get real-time feedback and advice on interview question answers
  • Networking skills, such as understanding how and why networking is critical, creating a LinkedIn account and how to use it 
  • General career finances like how to budget with your salary/income (For specific questions on paying back student loans, please speak to the Financial Aid Office)
  • and more! Just let us know what we can help you with.

Schedule a CURRENT Student* Career Advising Appointment HERE! 

*Alumni please go to Alumni Services to schedule an Alumni Career Advising appointment.

Appointment Availability

  • Monday 9am – 5pm
  • Tuesday 9am – 6pm
  • Wednesday 9am – 6pm
  • Thursday 9am – 5pm
  • Friday 9am – 2pm
  • Saturday 1x/month (Fall & Spring only) 12pm – 3pm
    • Spring 2024: Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 23, April 20

Appointment FAQs

  • Appointments can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.
  • Appointments are offered via Zoom or in-person in the Career Services Center RSC 128.
  • Please check our scheduling system, Penji, for the most up-to-date appointment  availability. 
  • Appointments are automatically scheduled for 45 minutes. If 45 mins is not enough time with your Career Advisor, we will suggest a follow-up appointment.
  • Each student can schedule 1 appointment per week (Sun to Sun) to ensure other students have access to appointments.

 1:1 Drop-In Career Advising

Drop-Ins are only available during the specified days/times below IN-PERSON. Drop-ins are on a first-come, first-serve basis and are a maximum of 20 minutes long. If 20 mins is not enough time with your Career Advisor, we will suggest scheduling an appointment.

  • Mon Feb 12, 10:30am – 4:30pm, CEB 211/212 
  • Tues Feb 13, 10:30am – 4:30pm, CEB 211/212 
  • Wed Feb 28, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Career Services Center RSC 128 
  • Thurs Feb 29, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Career Services Center RSC 128 
  • Mon Mar 4, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Career Services Center RSC 128 
  • Tues Mar 19, 10:30am – 4:30pm, RSC Ballroom A 
  • Wed Mar 20, 10:30am – 4:30pm, RSC Ballroom A 
  • Mon Apr 15, 10:30am – 4:30pm, RSC Ballroom A 
  • Tues Apr 16, 10:30am – 4:30pm, RSC Ballroom A 



Handshake is Nevada State’s online internship and job board exclusively for students and alumni. Among institutions that utilize Handshake, it is the #1 way that college students find jobs! In addition to being a job/internship board, students and alumni can also find local and national job-related events such as information sessions and hiring fairs and research employers/companies connected to Nevada State through Handshake.

When you are accepted and enroll in classes, your account is automatically created! 

Trouble logging in? Please email

Internship Programs at Nevada State

Every student should consider completing an internship at least once during their college career. Participating in an internship provides hands-on experience in a field of interest and allows students to apply skills in a professional environment. Internships also help expand a professional network and build a resume. Additionally, data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), shows that students who participate in at least one internship during college have a higher chance of securing a full-time job after graduation and are significantly more likely to receive multiple full-time job offers (2019).

Currently, the Career Services Center coordinates and supports the following internship programs/initiatives:

  • For-Credit Internship Courses in LASB
  • Not-for-Credit Internships (any internship experience for which you do not receive academic credit)
  • Micro – Internships through Parker Dewey
  • TheDream.US Internship Funding Program
  • Scorpion Intern Funding Program (start date TBD).


Nevada State partners with 50+ organizations that offer internships to students. A student may be able to receive credit for their internship experience depending on their program of study. For more information on internships, please go to our internship webpage.

If you have questions about internships and other hands-on learning opportunities through Career Services, please make an appointment with one of our Career Advisors by going to the Career Advising tab.

Free Student Headshots

Each semester the Career Services Center coordinates with our campus photographer to offer free headshots to current NS students. Headshot turn around time is 3-4 weeks on average. Students are encouraged to wear business professional attire for headshots. Career Services can lend blazers and suit jackets for headshots if needed.

Spring 2024 Headshot Dates

  • Monday February 12 & Tuesday February 13 – 12:00pm – 2:00pm in RSC Studio (3rd floor)
  • Tuesday March 19 & Wednesday March 20 – 12:00pm – 2:00pm in RSC Studio (3rd floor)
  • Monday April 15 & Tuesday April 16 – 12:00pm – 2:00pm in RSC Studio (3rd floor)

Career Services’ Outlook Sharepoint (All Resources!)

The Career Services Outlook Sharepoint houses all of our digital resources within Career Services. All of theses resources can be accessed on your own time and downloaded and saved to your own devices! Some of the resources you can find in the sharepoint site include but are not limited to:

  • Resume and cover letter templates
  • Example student resumes
  • Federal resume guide
  • Major/career exploration worksheets
  • Identity-specific career resources (e.g., undocumented students, first-gen students, and more)
  • Job/internship application tracking documents
  • Graduate school information
  • … and more!

Identity-Based Career Resources

The Career Services Center understands, acknowledges and celebrates that different identities, and the intersections of those identities, will impact the way you navigate and view your career and your career development journey. To support the diverse needs of our current students and alumni, we have compiled identity-based resources that will help you not only navigate your career journey, but also make informed decisions about life after college.

If you have any questions about any of these resources, would like to explore these resources further, or have further questions about your career journey, please contact our office or make an appointment. We are more than happy to help!

Interview Prep & Practice with Big Interview

Big Interview is an online interview preparation system that combines training and mock interview practice to help improve interview skills and build confidence.

Major & Career Self-Assessment

Focus2 is a free online major/career exploration and planning tool. Students can take self-assessments that match their interests and skills to academic majors or career paths. We highly recommend scheduling a 1:1 career advising appontment with one of our Career Advisors to discuss your results and explore additional majors or career paths.

Jobtimize from Vegas PBS offers a free assessment and discover jobs and careers that match your true potential! We highly recommend scheduling a 1:1 career advising appontment with one of our Career Advisors to discuss your results and explore additional career paths.

  • Click here to register for a Jobtimize account today! 

Career Services’ Youtube Channel

Watch pre-recorded workshops, employer talks and more!


Career Services’ Instagram & Facebook

See exciting updates about the department, current featured job/internship openings and more! @nevadastatecareer


Career Services’ LinkedIn

See exciting updates about the department, current featured job/internship openings and more! Nevada State University Career Services Center

Career Closet (Free Career Wear)

The Career Closet is a new program offered by the Career Services Center. The closet provides FREE career wear to current Nevada State students (the closet is not available to Alumni). All items in the closet are new or gently used.

 How to Visit the Career Closet

Due to lack of space, the Career Closet can only be accessed at specified programs/events; students cannot walk in or make an appointment to look through the closet at this time. Each semester, the CSC hosts various programs and events that feature the Career Closet.

1. Career Services Center Pop-Ups (Spring 2024)

  • Monday February 12 & Tuesday February 13 – 10:30am – 4:30pm in CEB 211/212
  • Tuesday March 19 & Wednesday March 20 – 10:30am – 4:30pm in RSC Ballroom A
  • Monday April 15 & Tuesday April 16 – 10:30am – 4:30pm in RSC Ballroom A

The CSC Pop-Ups provide a one-stop-shop approach for students – we offer drop-in career advisingfree headshotsfree haircuts and access to the Career Closet (services may differ by date). To view more information about our pop-ups, please visit our events page oScorpion Central.

2. Scorpion Saturday (Spring 2024)

  • Saturday April 20 – 12:00pm – 3:00pm in RSC Scorpion Den (hosted by Career Services; Career Closet will be available)

Scorpion Saturdays occur 1 Sat/month during Fall & Spring. They are hosted by the Division of Student Affairs. Each Scorpion Saturday offers different activities and services for students. To view more information on upcoming Scorpion Saturday activities, please visit our events page on Scorpion Central.

Donation Information

What We Accept

  • business casual or business professional clothing (Examples: blouses, slacks, blazers, button-up shirts, pencil skirts, dresses)
  • masculine, feminine and androgynous business casual/professional wear
  • accessories such as bags, wallets, professional jewelry, ties, belts
  • we accept clothing of all sizes

What We Do NOT Accept

  • anything with stains, holes, missing buttons/zippers, pungent odors; donations must be washed or dry-cleaned
  • undergarments of ANY kind regardless of condition; we do not accept socks, underwear, or bras
  • casual street-wear clothing; this includes but is not limited to t-shirts, jeans, sweatpants, sneakers,

To coordinate a donation drop-off, please contact our office at or call (702) 992-2611.


JCP Suit-Up 30% Off Coupon

Each year the CSC partners with JCPenney to offer coupons to Nevada State students, alumni, faculty and staff that can be used to buy new career appropriate clothing and accessories. Coupon codes are usually available during Fall & Spring and can be used more than once in separate purchases at JCPenney.

When coupons are available, Career Services will share the coupon code out via social media (@nevadastatecareer) and Scorpion Central.

Employer Networking & Recruiting

CSC brings employers from various industries to campus connect and hire students for part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and internship positions. Each semester, we host various programs and events that allow students the opportunity to network and learn about their interests and career opportunities. Typical programs/events we host include:

  • Lunch N’ Learn Information Sessions
  • Recruitment Tabling in RSC Lobby
  • On-Campus Interview Days
  • Career & Internship Expo (Spring only – March 5 & 6, 2024)

To view more details about upcoming employer networking and recruitment events, be sure to go to Scorpion Central (Nevada State’s primary student engagement platform) at


Graduate School Recruiting

We understand that pursuing a higher degree beyond a bachelors may be required in order to meet your career goals (e.g., Veterinarian, Lawyer, Licensed Therapist, etc.). That is why CSC not only supports students pursuing graduate-level student through 1:1 career advising (e.g., exploring programs of interest and understanding application requirements), but also by bringing graduate school program representatives to campus to share their programs and help students navigate the graduate school process.

Each year, we coordinate with a handful local graduate programs to table around campus and host informational sessions as well as our annual Graduate School Expo (Fall only; 2024 date October 22).

To view more details about upcoming graduate school recruitment events, be sure to go to Scorpion Central (Nevada State’s primary student engagement platform) at


When utilizing CSC services and attending events hosted by CSC, students are expected to:

  1. Understand that career advising and support is reciprocal; you get out what you put in.
  2. Understand that Career Advisors cannot make decisions for you. They can provide guidance on career-related choices, but it is ultimately up to you to make decisions regarding your career journey.
  3. Understand that Career Advisors are not here to “make” any materials for you. They provide instruction and guidance on how to construct resumes, cover letters, reference pages, and more utilizing best practices, but you are required to create these documents yourself. Asking a Career Advisor to “write your resume for you” is plagiarism.

Career Advising / Counseling & Support

  • EmployNV Career Hub – Whether you are looking for work, changing jobs or exploring new career options, an EmployNV Career Hub is your gateway to many employment and training resources in Southern Nevada. Meet 1:1 with a Career Coach Specialist virtually or in-person.
  • EmployNV Youth Hub (ages 16-24) – The EmployNV Youth Hubs are youth centric centers designed to serve youth ages 16-24 years old. In our centers we offer educational, employment, and training services that assist youth in obtaining their education and career goals. Each hub is staffed with Career Coaches trained to offer youth career exploration, work readiness and employability skills, paid internships and work experience opportunities, leadership development, preparation for college, and training services at no-cost.
  • Nevada Vocational Rehab (Dept of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation) – The Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation’s (DETR) Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation is a state and federally funded program designed to help people with disabilities become employed and to help those already employed perform more successfully through training, counseling and other support methods. Vocational Rehabilitation staff begins with an assessment to determine your current abilities and how you might benefit from available services. You will work with a counselor to create an employment plan that best suits your needs. When necessary, counselors may refer clients to other agencies for resources. Vocational Rehabilitation often collaborates with businesses to assess job sites and implement tools that will improve an employees ability to successfully perform duties.

Professional Development Courses / Career Training Courses

  • Community Services of Nevada – Banking / Financial Training Program – Are you ready to take the plunge and jumpstart your career in banking? Join our in-depth training program and get a head start in this competitive industry. Our experts will provide all the guidance and assistance you need to develop practical skills for success in the field. 
  • Vegas PBS – Career Training ProgramsVegas PBS, in partnership with ed2go, offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. Our programs are designed by a team of professionals from each respective field, providing you with effective web-based learning programs. Instructors/mentors are actively involved in your online learning experience, responding to any questions or concerns, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed.
  • Linkedin Learning Courses – Good business skills are crucial in any career. Learn about time management, communication, and emotional intelligence. Focus on what you need to do to be more productive, hone your creativity, or give a great presentation.

Start a Business / Become an Entrepreneur 

  • SCORE – Las Vegas – SCORE Las Vegas mentors are highly successful and seasoned business professionals and entrepreneurs with the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your small business goals. Browse resources, take a workshop, or find your business mentor today!
  • Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC)The Nevada Small Business Development Center provides free, confidential advising, free workshops, and low cost training to smart entrepreneurs who understand the importance of a good plan and sage advice. The Center also provides custom market analyses through our Geographic Information Services (GIS) department designed to help a business select a location for operations, understand current market trends, and predict where the local economy is headed.
  • Nevada Secretary of State Business Portal –  Information and resources regarding business ownership in Nevada.


Upcoming Workshops & Events for Students

To view more details about our upcoming events, be sure to go to Scorpion Central (Nevada State’s primary student engagement platform) at

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