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Career Services Center

Career Services Center

The Career Services Center educates and supports current Nevada State students and alumni in navigating their career development journeys by providing curated resources, career-development programming and events, and 1:1 career advising.

About Career Services

The Career Services Center works to educate and support current students and alumni in navigating their career development journey by providing curated resources, programming and advising. As a state institution of higher education, we prepare the new majority of students for career success and economic mobility to support the needs of the Nevada workforce and be able to give back to their communities.

We believe…

  1. Career development is a journey; it is a life-long process that doesn’t end at graduation.
  2. Career advising and support is a reciprocal relationship; students get out what they put in.
  3. Through utilizing our services, students will gain a better understanding of their professional skills, interests and available career pathways, thus feeling more knowledgeable about their options and more confident in their career decisions and overall career journey.
  4. All students and alumni, regardless of immigration status, racial/ethnic identity, gender identity, etc. deserve access to equitable resources and support through our office.
  5. Any student who graduates from Nevada State has access to our career support and advising for life.
  6. Hands-on learning and professional workforce experiences reinforce the academic and professional development process by providing opportunities for direct application of skills, theories and models learned in the classroom.
  7. Career development is a collaborative effort with other campus stakeholders in order to effectively support and reinforce career competencies (NACE) both in and out of the classroom to create career-ready graduates.
  8. Fostering positive relationships with local employers and community leaders provides meaningful professional experiences and connections for students while also creating a pipeline of qualified candidates for the Southern Nevada workforce.
Our department recognizes that racism is pervasive in our society and that no part of it is exempt, including the systems of higher education and the workforce. While we cannot single-handedly control the actions, behaviors and opinions of the existing workforce, we can work to dismantle racist practices and beliefs within our sphere of influence. We do this by curating and tailoring career resources and services for marginalized populations that  help students navigate the challenges they may experience within our institution and in the workforce. We empower students to be change agents throughout their career journey by continuously challenging social and systemic norms within their own work cultures when they can do so safely.

We aim to provide our employer partners with the right tools to identify, discuss, and challenge racist beliefs, practices, and norms that may be present in their workplace cultures and educate on the workforce needs of the new majority so that they may become employers of choice for our Nevada State students and graduates.

Director – Kaytee Johns, M.S.

Assistant Director of Career Services & Employer Relations – Kyah King, M.Ed., M.S.

Coordinator for Employer Relations & Experiential Learning – Lauren Avecilla, MPE

Career Advisor – LeLycia Henderson – Ray, M.S.

Career Advisor – Steph Chen, M.Ed.

Administrative Assistant – Eddie Ramos

Career Ambassador (Student) – Jose Castillo

Career Ambassador (Student) – Keith Elice Wells

Career Ambassador (Student) – Natalie Zboinska

Career Services TD.US Fellow (Student) – Carlos Fernandez Cruz

Success Stories

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“The Career Services Center staff helped boost my confidence in my job search by supporting me in revising my application documents and educating me on common inteview questions I would be asked in order to prepare for a job interview. They reminded me to never count myself out and utilize the advice they provided. They helped me land my FT job post-graduation.”


Melody G. '22

Admin Assistant, Dept of Marketing & Events at NS

“I attended CSC’s annual Career & Internship Expo in March just before graduation to look for job opportunities. I wanted to be able to meet employers in-person and get a feel for their company culture and values. I applied and received multiple job offers from employers I met at the Expo. I encourage other students to attend events put on by the CSC to expand your network and learn about your job/career options!”

Charlie M. '23

School Support Specialist, Boys Town NV

“The Career Services Center has helped me in my journey to get an on-campus job. They helped me with editing my resume, creating a cover letter, and practice interview skills. I am thankful for the help the CSC has given me to help me get my first position on campus to kick start my career journey.”





Alvin C. '26

Student Worker, Nepantla Program at NS

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