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Core Curriculum

Nevada State’s Core Curriculum

Nevada State’s Core Curriculum is a collection of courses that inspire curiosity and reward exploration. These classes help you gain the fundamental skills needed to thrive in college, the disciplinary perspectives needed to solve complex problems, the courage to be creative, and increased enthusiasm for exploring other cultures. As you progress through the core, you’ll work in teams, develop a growth mindset, confront pressing social issues, and learn to be an effective communicator, developing the interdisciplinary skills needed to thrive in a career, graduate school, or wherever your journey takes you.

A Core Curriculum Course:

  • Is approved by faculty and the Provost through a special review process;
  • Supports at least two Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs). One of the ELOs will be from the Community Engagement category. We are currently working on adding ELOs to all new and existing Core classes.
  • Is typically a lower division course that functions as an introduction to the discipline. The class has a broad scope that does not require you to have a background in the topic;
  • Is offered at least once every two years;
  • Is evaluated and updated regularly;
  • Is included in at least one of the categories listed below.


The two composition classes in this category help you develop a range of writing skills that will apply to any major you choose. You’ll learn how to identify your audience, make clear arguments, use sources, and develop your unique voice as a writer.

Study & Technology Skills

The two available classes in this category (CEP 123 and ALS 101N) focus on fundamental knowledge and skills you’ll need to succeed in college. Topics include learning how to learn, navigating student support services, and discussing the benefits of diversity and community engagement.


The classes in this category provide you with a broad-based understanding of quantitative and logical thinking through both theoretical and real-world applications. Mathematics is more than just computational proficiency. It is the foundation upon which both formal and informal reasoning skills are built.

Natural Sciences

Courses in this category explore how science leads to a dynamic and growing understanding of our physical world. You will investigate the connection between curiosity and hypothesis-driven inquiry, allowing you to test your own ideas and assumptions in the context of the scientific method.

Social Sciences

In this category, you’ll learn about the relationship between society and the individual. By utilizing qualitative and quantitative data, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of identity, culture, and the many ways that humans interact.

Fine Arts

The fine arts cover a range of expressive forms in music, fine art, and cinematic arts. Classes in this category provide a deeper understanding of creative expression and critical reflection on the arts, including studying a variety of artworks and creating your own.


The study of humanities allows you to critically engage with the works and practices that have existed for centuries as a core component of various cultures from the ancient world to the 21st-Century. Topics in humanities include languages, literature, history, and philosophy, all of which serve to provide you with the foundational building blocks of different modes of learning.


These classes cover the foundation of our modern government – both the U.S. Constitution and our Nevada Constitution. Learning about these documents helps you understand the structure of our federal and state governments as well as the role we the people play in forming stronger communities through debate and shared decision-making.

Cultural Diversity

Our strength as a community comes from our wide range of backgrounds and experiences. In this category, courses cover topics such as class, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, political ideologies, and religion.

Syllabus Language for Faculty:

Core Curriculum
This class is part of Nevada State’s Core Curriculum. Like the other classes in the Core Curriculum, this class will help you gain the fundamental skills needed to thrive in college, the disciplinary perspectives needed to solve complex problems, the courage to be creative, and an increased understanding of other cultures. Each Core Curriculum course has two Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs). The ELOs for this class are:

ELO 1:
Where you’ll demonstrate this ELO: (Assignment title/brief description here)

ELO 2:
Where you’ll demonstrate this ELO: (Assignment title/brief description here)