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Summer Bridge

Student benefits of Nepantla’s Summer Bridge

  • Taking two college courses and earn 8-10 credits.
  • Explore NS majors and requirements.
  • Build a community with peers and Nepantla staff.
  • Get to know faculty prior to the start of the Fall semester.
  • Learn skills and resources for college success.
  • Participate in workshops and activities that promote time management, review financial aid, leadership, growth mindset, and more.

Each year, Nepantla accepts approximately 25 students to be part of their new cohort. Every selected student must begin with Nepantla’s Summer Bridge Program – six weeks of intensive work through which students prepare to meet the academic rigor of college, navigate the NS campus, gain access to resources, and receive support from #TeamNepantla faculty, staff, and peers.

Eligibility & Cost


Who can participate in Nepantla?

The Nepantla Program welcomes all Clark County public high school seniors or graduate who will be first-time, full-time freshman at NS and who identify as a first generation or Latine/Chicano/Chicana/ Xicanx/Latina/Latino/Hispanic/ Mexicano/Puertorriqueño/Colombiano/Cubano/Afro-Latinx, etc. student to apply. Selected students must attend and participate in Nepantla’s Summer Bridge as well as Nepantla events throughout their college career at NS.  Students cannot choose to skip or miss the Summer Bridge program if they want to be a member of Nepantla.

First Generation College Student

If neither of your parents or your guardians have a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. college or university, you are a first generation college student.

How much does Nepantla’s Summer Bridge cost?

The Nepantla Program requires that each applicant complete two financial aid applications: one for the current academic year and another for the upcoming year.  If there are any fees associated with tuition, Nepantla works with its selected students to make the Summer Bridge a possibility.  Nepantla provides students with any necessary textbooks for the Summer Bridge.

What to Expect


Students will attend both classes each weekday as well as participate in success workshops, supplemental instruction, meet with their Course Assistants, and/or work on assignments.  The Nepantla Program collaborates with numerous NS departments to provide our students with opportunities to navigate college and build social networks.  Each new student will be assigned a #NepantlaPeerEducator who is also part of #TeamNepantla and is an upper-level undergraduate student at NS.  Peer Educators meet with their mentees during Summer Bridge and throughout the new student’s first year at NS.

2024 Summer Bridge Dates: 

June 22 – August 4, 2024

Classes offered to Nepantla students during Summer Bridge:

ENG 100: Composition I Enhanced

Writing the expository essay; emphasis on revising and editing for development, coherence, style, and correctness.  This course provides extra assistance in English writing skills.

MATH 120e: Introduction to College Mathematics

Includes all content from MATH 120 as well as algebraic skills including: graphing, solving equations, order of operations, polynomials, exponents, and rational equations.