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Personal Care Attendants for Students with Disabilities (DRC 8)

OWNER: Disability Resource Center
Phone: 702-992-2180
CATEGORY: Disability Services
EFFECTIVE DATE: 06/05/2019
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This document describes Nevada State College’s policy on Personal Care Attendants.


See DRC 1: Disability Resource Center Definitions for all relevant definitions as they apply to DRC policies.


I. Statement on Personal Care Attendants

Nevada State College strives to accommodate individuals with disabilities as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilites Act Amendments Act. The College recognizes that Personal Care Attendants may be necessary, in some instances, to address the personal needs of a student with a disability in order for the student to participate in the College’s activities, classes, services, and programs. If necessary, a student may hire an impartial Personal Care Attendant in order to ensure an equitable and independent experience similar to other College students. However, since a Personal Care Attendant is a personal service, Personal Care Attendants are not provided or paid for by Nevada State College.

II. Requirements for Bringing a Personal Care Attendant to Campus

The responsibilities of a student requesting to bring a Personal Care Attendant to campus include the following:

  • Submit appropriate Documentation to the DRC supporting the necessity of having a Personal Care Attendant present on campus;
  • Secure one or more Personal Care Attendants, as needed, prior to attending any College-related event or class;
  • Ensure that each Personal Care Attendant registers with the Disability Resource Center each term;
  • Ensure that if personnel changes occur during a term, the new Personal Care Attendant registers with the DRC;
  • Have a back-up plan or alternative plan of action should the regular Personal Care Attendant not be available on a particular day or during a particular class period;
  • Comply with, and ensure the Personal Care Attendant complies with, Nevada State College policies and DRC policies and procedures, as well as the NSC Student Code of Conduct;
  • Pay for all Personal Care Attendant services.

The Personal Care Attendant is expected to:

  • Follow all applicable College policies, rules, regulations, procedures, and practices;
  • Assist the student before and after class;
  • Wait outside the classroom during class periods (unless attendance in class is deemed appropriate by Documentation and approved by the DRC);
  • Allow the student to take responsibility for their own progress and/or behavior;
  • Refrain from intervening in conversations between the student and faculty, staff, or students;
  • Refrain from discussing any confidential information about the student with faculty, staff, or students, except when necessary.

If a Personal Care Attendant fails to abide by the above practices, the DRC Director may determine that the Personal Care Attendant will no longer be allowed to accompany the student to classrooms and/or other College sites. In that case, the student will need to make other arrangements.


  • DRC 1: Disability Resource Center Definitions
  • DRC 3: Eligibility and Documentation Policy
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA)
  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973


Approved by Sharneé Walker, DRC Director, June 5, 2019.