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Public Administration in Law Enforcement (BPA)

Advance Your Career In Law Enforcement

The Bachelor of Public Administration in Law Enforcement (BPALE) program at Nevada State University combines excellent training, small classes, and online options with one of the most affordable 4-year degrees in the nation. This degree is ideal if you want to enter administration positions in law enforcement-related agencies.

Important features of this degree include:

Skills that matter. The BPALE program focuses on the knowledge and skills you’ll need to become a law enforcement professional or rise through the ranks in your existing career. Courses focus on critical content, including leadership, budget management, and personnel administration.

Student-centered scheduling. Most required major courses are offered online on a predictable schedule to ensure you can earn your degree in a timely fashion.

Compelling topics. You’ll critique and discuss contemporary issues in law enforcement, such as:

  • The balance between individual rights and the rights of groups and society.
  • Public perceptions of police and crime-fighting strategies.
  • Legal issues facing law enforcement professionals.

A strong foundation in the “soft skills” employers seek. You’ll take courses that hone your critical thinking skills, your oral and written communication skills, and your ability to work with others effectively and reduce conflict. These are the characteristics employers increasingly say they look for in the people they hire.

Degree Outcomes

  • Understand and apply the principles of management to the administration of law enforcement agencies;
  • Understand and analyze the dilemmas faced by todayu2019s law enforcement leadership;
  • Understand and apply varied aspects and theories of effective organizational communication in both written and oral formats;
  • Understand how diversity issues, globalization, and ethical guidelines affect law enforcement leadership, organizations, and the community;
  • Understand how law enforcement agencies and personnel can best serve the public and other relevant constituents.


Our graduates are employed in local and state law enforcement agencies and have gone on to graduate programs in disciplines such as Public Administration, Justice Management, and Police Staff & Command.

Engaging Classes

In this program, you’ll take a wide range of classes to help you learn the complexities of administration in a law enforcement agency, including:

1. CRJ 412 Leadership and Administration in Problem Solving (3 credits)
2. CRJ 413 Dilemmas in Law Enforcement (3 credits)
3. MGT 301 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
4. MGT 492 Advanced Organizational Management (3 credits)
5. PSC 306 Effective Organizational Communication (3 credits)
6. PSC 307 Legal Issues for Command Level Officers (3 credits)
7. PSC 308 Mass Media and the Police (3 credits)
8. PSC 403 Law Enforcement Management (3 credits)
9. PSC 404A Public Financial Administration (3 credits)
10. PSC 404B Public Personnel Administration (3 credits)
11. PSC 461 Executive Leadership (3 credits)
12. PSC 464 Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement (3 credits)

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