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Through myNSCstory, Students Forge Grassroots Campaign for Education

Feb 1, 2010 | Campus News

By Jess Kusak
In response to recent discussions of additional budget cuts to the Nevada System of Higher Education, a small group of vigilant students embarked on a mission of helping NSC students have their voices be heard.
The myNSCstory campaign a student-based campaign, has quickly gained momentum on campus amongst NSC students. As a grassroots letter writing campaign, the unique stories of each student will help NSC students voice the importance of their education in light of the budget cuts recently outlined by Governor Gibbons.
I have been lucky enough to witness something inspiring, said Elan Andruss, NSC sophomore and co-creator of the myNSCstory campaign. What I originally expected to be a small project running for a day or two has evolved into something more, he continued.
Andruss is joined in the myNSCstory campaign by fellow students Amsala Alemu-Johnson, Nevada State Student Alliance President and Tim Robotham. The initial intention of the campaign was to last a few days, but given the overwhelmingly positive reception by students, it has since been extended through February 4th.
The goals of myNSC story is to provide NSC students a platform on which they can share their personal stories of how their education at NSC has impacted their lives. Each participant writes a personal letter. The letters, along with photos of the students, are then sent to state legislators and elected officials who will be managing the budget situation. Additionally, the myNSCstory campaign is spreading the word and getting connected with the campus community through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The first day of the campaign produced close to 100 student letters, and, since then, there has been a consistent flow of students coming in numbers to share their myNSCstory at various campaign booths located throughout campus.
Andruss himself shared his own myNSCstory, which chronicles his own educational journey. As a child, I was always keenly aware that knowledge is like a key, and with the right keys, any opportunity can become a reality. Unfortunately, I struggled through school from k-12. Being a student at NSC, he found those keys to knowledge he so often sought after. When I came to NSC, the helpful professors and honest faculty helped me become the person I am today, giving me the confidence to succeed. Andruss has succeeded. As a member of the English Honor Society and a writer for NSC’s student-run newspaper The Scorpion’s Tale, Andruss is well on his way to receiving his degree in secondary education.
Similar to the story of Nevada State College, the myNSCstory campaign started small with a dedicated group of people and has grown into something successful. Students interested in volunteering or contributing to the myNSCstory campaign can visit the staffed booths at the Dawson or Liberal Arts and Sciences building between 9am-6pm before February 4th. After the 4th, students may submit their letters through the myNSCstory Facebook or email. The campaign can be found on the web at or by email at