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Degree Planning

Your Degree

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

Each school has created degree planning tools to help students plan their way to graduation. Advisors are here to help advise you along the way. While Advisors will not choose classes for you or enroll you into classes, we are more than happy to offer suggestions, give you insight, and help you understand how to use these tools to stay on track towards the completion of your degree.

Most majors/programs have degree worksheets that list requirements to complete the program. Some requirements have prescribed or specific courses that you have to take, while other requirements provide a list of options. You may find the 2019-20 degree sheets located at the Academic Advising Center, if you need prior catalog years, please visit with your Academic Advisor.

For more information about the programs offered at Nevada State, please visit the Academics homepage, or click below for more in-depth information about select programs:

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