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Scorpion Scheduler

NSC has recently acquired a brand new scheduling software that will help you plan your perfect schedule!


Scorpion Scheduler will allow you to add courses, generate all possible schedule combinations and select the set of classes that fits you best. Add your preferred schedule to your shopping cart ready for your registration window. Add additional schedule options to your favorites to access as needed during the open registration period.

How to Access and use the Scorpion Scheduler

  1. Log into myNSC (
  2. Click College Scheduler under the Academics section.
  3. Add the courses you are interested in taking
  4. Add breaks for time you are unavailable
  5. Generate all possible schedules

Remember the Scorpion Scheduler does not enroll you into your classes. You must send the courses to your shopping cart and enroll during your assigned registration time from your cart.

We hope you enjoy this new powerful scheduling option!