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Guided Math Placement

What is Guided Self Placement?

At Nevada State, you, as students, have the opportunity to decide which version of your first year mathematics course you would like to take. Guided Self-Placement is a program designed to help you determine which first-year mathematics course is the right choice for you. ​

The philosophy behind the guided self-placement is to provide you with agency and choice, because we understand that although students know their previous mathematical experience, they may be unsure how that experience translates to choosing their first-year course.

Nevada State Mathematics Options

At Nevada State, you will complete your mathematics requirement through the Mathematics Core Curriculum program. This program offers several mathematics courses to meet the goals and interests of all incoming NS students:

MATH 120 — Fundamentals of College Mathematics (3 Credits)
MATH 120E — Fundamentals of College Mathematics Stretch (5 Credits)
MATH 125 — Mathematical Games & Programming (3 Credits)
MATH 126 — Precalculus Mathematics I (3 Credits)
MATH 126E — Precalculus Mathematics I Stretch (6 Credits)
MATH 181 — Calculus I (4 Credits)
STAT 152 — Introduction to Statistics (3 Credits)

A key feature of our First Year Mathematics program is that ALL of these courses are COLLEGE LEVEL. No matter which course you choose, you will be engaged in mathematical reasoning and thinking throughout the semester. We encourage you to take your time with our survey and make a thoughtful decision about which first year mathematics course to enroll in.

How Do I Get Started

Step 1: Determine your gateway math course. Your gateway math course is the first college level math course for your chosen major. Typically, non-STEM degrees will need to take MATH 120 and STEM degrees will need to take MATH 126. You can determine this information by reviewing your degree plan in the course catalog or by contacting advising.

Step 2: Complete an easy-to-use Survey to help you make your first year mathematics course selection. The Survey will ask you to do the following:

  • Provide some personal information, including your NSHE ID #.
  • Take a self-reflective survey about your experience with mathematics and, more generally, as a student (It will take about 10-15 minutes).
  • Look over the recommendation provided by the math program faculty based on your responses.
  • Confirm the recommendation and indicate if you wish to go against this recommendation.