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Transfer Credit Appeal Process

Transfer Credit Appeal

The Office of the Registrar performs initial transfer credit evaluation according to policies established by the university and by the Nevada System of Higher Education.

A student who wishes to contest the outcome of his or her transfer course evaluation (i.e. the course was found not to be equivalent to a Nevada State University course or not satisfy a particular requirement) may submit a petition for curriculum substitution to the Records Specialist.

The petition must include supporting documents (e.g. course description, syllabus) and other pertinent material related to the course in order to ensure a thorough review and consideration of the petition.

The Records Specialist will route the petition to the department/school that teaches the course or is in charge of the course discipline. The department chair/designee will make the decision to approve/deny the petition.

If the petition is denied, the student may submit an appeal to the dean of the school. If the dean upholds the denial and the student continues to disagree with the decision, the student may submit an appeal to the Provost. The decision of the Provost/designee will be final.

Denied petitions will be given a reason for the denial via email.

Students who are not satisfied with the final decision by Nevada State may request a review of a transfer credit evaluation by the NSHE Articulation Coordinating Committee by submitting the