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Current Dual Credit Students

Continue your journey with Nevada State

Are you a current dual credit student? If so, we invite you to consider Nevada State as you explore options for completing your bachelor’s degree. For many students, Nevada State is a great fit, particularly if you like: 


    • Small, personalized classes where instructors know your name and care about your future plans;
    • Instructors who focus on teaching first, offering engaging courses and thoughtful discussions about real-world issues;
    • A diverse community of students who are drawn to the thrill of participating in a new and growing campus.

I enjoyed dual credit because it made me feel very productive and ahead of the game. Dual credit is a way for you to get a feel of what you might experience in college. It’s very beneficial, the more credits you take in high school the less you have to worry about in college. This will give you a great head start. I would totally recommend dual credit to any high school student.

Mowry Keeling

Psychology Major