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Tuition & Fees

Nevada State University is dedicated to helping you understand what your costs will be so that you can make informed choices as you and your family prepare for the next step in your education.

You know that college costs money, but do you know the difference between tuition and fees? At Nevada State, only non-Nevada residents pay tuition, while all students pay fees.

Predictable Pricing

In order to allow students and parents to appropriately budget for college costs in advance, the Nevada Board of Regents has approved a Predictable Pricing Program. This program provides the cost of base tuition fees for a four-year period.

Undergraduate Enrollment Fees 2023-2024

Graduate Enrollment Fees 2023-2024

FEES, TUITION AND OTHER CHARGES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE: For a complete listing, reference Chapter 7 – Fees and Tuition of the NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual.

Tuition & Fee Publications