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Third Party Sponsorship Programs

Third Party Sponsorship Programs

Third-Party Agency billing and payments refers to organizations that have agreements with Nevada State University to cover the cost of tuition and fees on behalf of specific students based on military status, agency affiliations, employment status, or State of Nevada supported programs, among others. Unlike a grant or scholarship, the sponsor(s) requires an invoice to process proper payment on behalf of a student or a group of students. Also unlike a grant or scholarship, sponsored payments are usually restricted to tutition and fees, and cannot be refunded to the student for other expenses inlcuded in the Cost of Attendance. If multiple third-parties have agreed to pay, and their funding is restricted to tuition and fees, then the student may select which agency will pay.

Third Party Organization Administrators

For third party billing questions, payment processing issues, or any other concerns, please email


If you are expecting an outside organization to cover tuition and fees, here are the steps to follow:

  • Contact the sponsor/organization directly and obtain any required paperwork to submit to Nevada State University (NS) as a written agreement that your tuition and fees will be covered by said agency.
  • The sponsor/agency needs to send NS Student Financial Services a letter of authorization or a sponsor/organization official authorization form for payment.
  • Upon receipt of the sponsor/agency form, NS will set up the third party organization contract on your student account reflecting the pending payment.
  • After the last day to add/drop classes each semester an invoice is prepared and mailed to the sponsor/organization. (For Fall semester invoices are mailed around October, For Spring semester invoices are mailed around March.)
  • Note: If the sponsor/organization/parent pays directly on the student account online, the payment is treated as a self-payment to the student account and is not considered a third party payment.