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Quality Assurance

NSC is committed to ensuring that all classes maintain high standards of rigor, engagement, and value.

In This Section

In fall 2018, the Quality Assurance Working Group drafted a comprehensive rubric and a procedure that can be used to evaluate online courses. The purpose of this rubric and procedure is to

  1. Share standards for online course design
  2. Standardize a procedure for anonymous review of online courses
  3. Help instructors meet the established standards
  4. Improve our student’s online learning experience

Notably, the rubric evaluates the overall course architecture, as opposed to the instructor’s direct interactions with students.

After reviewing several existing models and developing a rubric, three subcommittees of the Quality Assurance Working Group used the rubric to evaluate a single course. Using the information gathered from this evaluation, the committee met again and revised the rubric. After a second pilot and a review by Faculty Senate, the committee launched the Quality Assurance review process in fall 2019.