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The Scorpion Path: Admitted

In This Section


Maximize enrollment of applicants in target populations and enhance their preparation and enthusiasm for the college experience.



All admitted students, with a particular focus on

  • Students at all levels of achievement and prior preparation
  • Historically under-represented students
  • Non-nursing majors (especially prospective education students)



Collect Evidence & Routinely Assess

  • Improve our evidence-based understanding of how we can create a more streamlined application and admissions process for students.

Enhance Community/Belonging

  • Increase sense of belonging to the college and enthusiasm for the institutional experience that we offer.

Streamline Path to Orientation

  • Adapt communication plan to ensure that it increases understanding of and adherence to the next steps in the admissions process, including the pathway to student orientation.

Optimize Math/English Placement

  • Provide a pathway to most advantageous gateway math and English placement, and eventual success.

Increase Pursuit of Financial Support

  • Continue to improve knowledge of financial support options while ensure that students take timely steps needed to receive support.


Action Plan

The Action plan outlines our deliverables, project leads, and priorities.