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Teacher Academy

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Our Mission:

The mission of Nevada State University’s Teacher Academy Pipeline Project is to cultivate secondary school students’ interest in the teaching profession and grow the number of local, culturally-responsive teachers who serve within our community.

As a teacher, you can:

  • Positively impact the lives of students.
  • Use your creativity to inspire passion for your favorite subjects.
  • Work in teams to solve problems to support your students’ success.
  • Lead by example to cultivate the next generation of independent thinkers.
  • Enjoy a flexible, family-friendly schedule and paid time off.

Why Apply?

  1. You are interested in teaching.
  2. You want to get a head start on college.
  3. You have good attendance and passion to learn.
  4. You are ready to challenge yourself with college-level work!

Contact Us For More Information On How To Apply!

Rosemary Q. Flores

Associate Director for TAPP

Teacher Academy Pipeline Project:

• Learn about becoming a teacher.

• Earn college credits for $75 per class (a $400 savings!)

• Take fun field trips to college campuses.

• Share exciting learning experiences with others interested in teaching.

• Meet college students who chose teaching as a career path.