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Student Success at Nevada State

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The Cornerstone

Student success is the bedrock upon which Nevada State College is built.  It is a cornerstone of our institutional mission, where we pledge to offer educational opportunities that change our students’ lives for the better, and it anchors our strategic plan, which commits to significant increases in student success over the next several years.  Our mission articulates that the path to these goals is paved by our own institutional excellence – that by doing our work exceedingly well, we foster the best opportunity for our students to achieve at the highest possible level.  

At Nevada State College, success for our diverse body of students can take many forms. In its simplest form, “success” consists of two components – the attainment of a degree, and the assurance that this degree leads to a meaningful life transformation.  On the path to this success, our students enroll in a major, make consistent progress from semester to semester, overcome personal challenges and those caused by inequity, and graduate with meaningful knowledge, skills, and experiences. To facilitate this journey, NSC commits to providing a transformative experience, where students embrace a growth mindset and improve personally and professionally, gaining a deep understanding of the cross-cutting practices that support NSC’s mission:  

Critical thinking and creative problem-solving

No matter what major students select, students will experience a range of disciplinary perspectives that will allow them to see problems from multiple perspectives, carefully evaluate existing information, and offer innovative solutions.

Learning how to learn

Through practice in metacognition and self-reflection, our students will gain an understanding of their own learning processes and newfound self-efficacy.

Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are committed to an intersectional approach, incorporating a range of perspectives, backgrounds, and identities into our classrooms, our administration, and our college-wide activities.

Career readiness and personal fulfillment

Graduates from NSC are able to further their professional goals, advance in their current role, or pursue a new career. In addition, we seek to give students an enhanced ability to find fulfillment in their personal lives – to be curious about the natural world, intrigued by the arts, informed by diverse perspectives, contribute meaningfully to their communities, and able to make sound, ethical decisions.


Disciplinary expertise

Successful students will acquire relevant knowledge, perspectives, and skills in their field of study, and will be able to apply what they have learned in meaningful ways, ranging from post-graduate education to promising career pathways.